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Develop Your Own Applications Using Google

With the Google SOAP Search API service, software developers can query billions of web pages directly from their own computer programs. Google uses the SOAP and WSDL standards so a developer can program in his or her favorite environment - such as Java, Perl, or Visual Studio .NET.

To start writing programs using Google SOAP Search API:

1 Download the developer's kit
The Google SOAP Search API developer's kit provides documentation and example code for using the Google SOAP Search API service. The download includes Java and .NET programming examples and a WSDL file for writing programs on any platform that supports web services.
2 Create a Google Account
To access the Google SOAP Search API service, you must create a Google Account and obtain a license key. Your Google Account and license key entitle you to 1,000 automated queries per day.
3 Write your program using your license key
Your program must include your license key with each query you submit to the Google SOAP Search API service. Check out our Getting Help page or read the FAQs for more information.

Google SOAP Search API is a free beta service and is available for non-commercial use only. Please see our terms of service.

Google SOAP Search API
With Google SOAP Search API, your computer
can do the searching for you.

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