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  Wednesday, September 6
Weather Watcher 5.6.13
Posted by Mike Singer @ 8:15 AM EST
This update includes a fix for the frozen tooltip window bug.

  Tuesday, September 5
Weather Watcher Mobile Beta 1.0
Posted by Mike Singer @ 12:56 AM EST
The first Weather Watcher Mobile beta has been released.

  Thursday, August 31
Weather Watcher Tooltip Problems Resolved
Posted by Mike Singer @ 11:34 PM EST
The Weather Watcher 5.6.12d release seems to have fixed the Weather Watcher tooltip problems.

  Wednesday, August 30
Weather Watcher 5.6.12d (unofficial release)
Posted by Mike Singer @ 10:37 AM EST
Includes new tweaks to fix problems in the repacked Weather Watcher 5.6.12c release.

  Monday, August 28
Weather Watcher 5.6.12c Repacked (unofficial release)
Posted by Mike Singer @ 12:04 PM EST
This repacked release contains the correct Weather Watcher executable.

  Friday, August 25
Random Weather Watcher Tooltip, Part 2
Posted by Mike Singer @ 10:01 PM EST
Here is another unreleased version of Weather Watcher aimed at fixing the tooltip window bug.

Weather Watcher Mobile, Part 3
Posted by Mike Singer @ 9:56 PM EST
The final screenshots of the Weather Watcher Mobile beta.

  Tuesday, August 22
Random Weather Watcher Tooltip
Posted by Mike Singer @ 11:43 PM EST
A few people are experiencing problems with the skinned tooltip window in Weather Watcher 5.6.12.

Weather Watcher Mobile, Part 2
Posted by Mike Singer @ 11:37 PM EST
Here are a few more Weather Watcher Mobile screenshots.

Weather Watcher 5.6.12
Posted by Mike Singer @ 7:33 AM EST
This version includes some new fixes and tweaks.

  Thursday, August 17
Weather Watcher Mobile
Posted by Mike Singer @ 11:54 PM EST
A new Windows Mobile version of Weather Watcher is in the works.

  Wednesday, August 9
How to turn your PDA phone into a brick
Posted by Mike Singer @ 8:40 PM EST
The story of how not to install ROM updates on your PDA cell phone.

  Thursday, July 27
Mail Server Trouble
Posted by Mike Singer @ 6:52 AM EST
My mail server went down yesterday afternoon.

  Friday, June 30
Odd Weather Watcher Version Number
Posted by Mike Singer @ 11:09 PM EST
You might have noticed an odd Weather Watcher version alert today.

Weather Watcher 5.6.11
Posted by Mike Singer @ 8:47 AM EST
Contains a fix for the "Check for New Version" feature.

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