Monday, October 18, 2004
Posted by Jason Dunn @ 09:00 PM
"In between MCE's maiden launch and today, Microsoft released a much-needed update to the OS: MCE 2004, which provided bug fixes, performance enhancements and introduced a few new tweaks and features to the OS. But it was clear that MCE 2004 was not an example of perfection, rather an example of the direction Microsoft was going in. There were still numerous features missing from the MCE equation, things like HDTV and multiple tuner support were left unaddressed, only to be serviced in the latest version of Microsoft's Media Center OS - MCE 2005."

This is a fantastic walkthrough of Media Center Edition 2005 - it's insanely detailed, and completely destroya an article that I was working on. I been fighting with an install of Media Center 2005 for the past few days...installing it on what you might ask? Wait and see - I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Wink

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