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Windows Media Player 10 Online Store MenuA world of music at your fingertips. One-click access to the world's largest music collection. Buy a song from one store or an album from another—mix and match from a variety of stores and take it all with you.

With the built-in Digital Media Mall, you have the largest selection of music and video stores from within the Player. Whether you are looking to purchase music downloads, sign up for a music subscription, or even rent a movie, you can find exactly what you want from a variety of stores.

PlaysForSureLook for the PlaysForSure logo on these online stores and match it to the PlaysForSure logo on the hottest devices. If you see the logo you know the music plays for sure. Learn more

Check Out Your Favorite Store—Then Browse the Rest

The Digital Media Mall lets you shop for the latest tracks from your favorite artists right in the Player. Select the store you are interested in and look for your favorite songs, movies, and videos. Whether you are shopping by price or selection, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Choose from the following music and video stores that are in the Player today. Look for even more stores coming soon offering a wide range of digital media from music, movies, sports, and television.

United States

Napster Napster
Improve your music collection by 1.5 million+ tracks. Discover new music. Collect all your favorites and create custom playlists.
CinemaNow CinemaNow
Watch thousands of movies on demand. Download and stream the latest Hollywood Hits! Try it free.
MusicNow MusicNow
Huge selection of the best classics and new releases. CD-quality and virus-free. Buy individual songs or complete albums. Play complete songs on-demand and get access to over 40 exclusive channels with MusicNow's FullAccess Membership.
Musicmatch Musicmatch
Download music and hear the hottest hits from today's top artists.
MSN Music MSN Music
Easiest way to find, discover, and download high-quality legal music with 99¢ song downloads and free online radio.
Wal-Mart Wal-Mart
88¢ Every Song. Every Day. Rock to country, hip-hop to pop! Exclusives too. Get Wal-Mart Music downloads now!
XM Radio Online XM Radio Online
With XM RADIO ONLINE you'll have unlimited access to over 75 channels of innovative audio programming produced by America's number one satellite radio service.
Court TV Court TV Extra
Watch live video, news, and highlights from famous and fascinating court cases. Try Court TV Extra for free.
fye Download Zone f.y.e. download zone
Missing a tune? Sign up for a free trial and get unlimited access to over 1 million tracks or full albums.
PureTracks Puretracks.com
Search more than 600,000 tracks in the highest sound quality available on the Net. Quickly browse and preview our top sellers and best-of collections. Sample over 100 expertly programmed radio channels in hi-fidelity sound. Go to Puretracks, music pure and simple.
Audible.com Audible.com
Download digital audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, and radio programs quickly and easily. You can also listen on the go using your Pocket PC. Get two free audiobooks!
MLB.com MLB.com
Watch or listen to live/archived Major League Baseball online. Sign up today!
Live365.com Live365 Radio Network
Live365 is the world's largest radio network, with thousands of stations playing hundreds of millions of songs. Programmed by music fans, Live365 has the best variety. Listen for free! Or, upgrade for thousands of CD-quality, commercial-free stations.
PassAlong PassAlong Music Store
Earn free music from our digital download store. All your favorite songs in a safe, legal, high-quality digital format. Try PassAlong for free now.
SongTouch SongTouch
Find Christian music from hymns to hip-hop along with family-friendly releases that you won't find in the typical Christian store. Use the IPass to pass song samples, earn points and get free music.
Movieink Movielink
Download new releases, classic films, and more to watch on a PC, notebook, or TV. No subscription, no late fees.
Choose ESDC.TV Online Store, our broadband, user-oriented video content platform. You will find exclusive productions with the highest reproduction quality for Internet content. Find a new way of viewing through High Definition content.
My Station My Station
Lots of new films and media services with a common login and payment solution.
Soundbuzz Music Store Soundbuzz Music Store
The best of International and Asian music.
eMusic eMusic
25 FREE downloads from eMusic.com. Get music for your iPod or any MP3 player. Songs just 25¢ or less after free trial. Over 1 million songs with no confusing restrictions or hidden fees.
MusicGiants MusicGiants
Upgrade your downloads with MusicGiants, the only high definition music service. We honor the artist by presenting music as it was meant to be heard. Our WMA Lossless audio files deliver the sound quality that your high performance audio system demands.
msn music with soundsgood.com msn music with soundsgood.com
Love books? Choose from thousands of best-selling digital audio books for your PC, cars, and Windows Media devices. Get two audio books free!


    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    Court TV Extra, FaroLatino, MSN Music, MyStation, Soundbuzz
    MSN Music, One4All
    MSN Music (Dutch), MSN Music (French), Skynet/Belgacom (Dutch), Skynet/Belgacom (French)
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    ESDC.TV, Gradiente i-get, iMusica, MSN Music
    Court TV Extra (English), FaroLatino, Napster (English), Sympatico
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    NuSports, PhoenixTV, Shanda, SMGBB
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
Costa Rica
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    Box, CDON, MSN Music, MyStation, TDC Musik
Dominican Republic
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
El Salvador
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    CDON, MSN Music, MyStation
    Audible.com, CANALPLAY, coramusic.fr, Discovery, Fnac Music, M6, MSN Music, Packard Bell, Tiscali Music, Virgin Downloads, Wanadoo Jukebox
    Audible.com, music CONRAD.DE, MSN Music, One4All, Packard Bell, StayTuned, Tiscali Music, T-Online Vision
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    FaroLatino, Soundbuzz (English)
    Discovery, MSN Music, Tiscali Music
    Bandai, Excite Music, Listen, MSN Music, MusicDrop, OCN MUSIC STORE, OnGen, PRISMIX.TV, Showtime9, SkyPerfectBB, WOWOW Online
    CINEWEL.com, Funcake.com
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    MSN Music, Wanadoo Jukebox
New Zealand
    digiRAMA, FaroLatino
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    CDON, film2home, Homebase, MSN Music, MPS Stationen, TV2 Musikkbutikk
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
Puerto Rico
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    GetMovies.Ru, GetMusic.Ru
    FaroLatino, Soundbuzz (English)
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, MSN Music, Wanadoo Jukebox
    CDON, film2home, Home Entertainment, MSN Music, POPLIFE, Stationen
    Migros (French), Migros (German), Migros (Italian), MSN Music (French), MSN Music (German), One4All
United Kingdom
    Audible.com, Court TV Extra, Discovery, FaroLatino, HMV Digital, MSN Music, MyStation, Napster, Packard Bell, Tesco, Tiscali Music, Wanadoo Jukebox
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica
    ESDC.TV, FaroLatino, iMusica

Mix It, Burn It, Sync It

You can use the library to play and organize your music and videos downloaded from the Digital Media Mall. Easily mix and match to create playlists, rate songs and albums, burn CDs, and sync to the largest selection of portable devices.

Purchasing Music in Windows Media Player 10
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