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Coming soon to a screen near you: 4Q/2006.

Something's cooking in the kitchen!!!

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Hi! - Welcome to BlogWorks & BlogMedia...

We're glad you found us before our grand opening. We've got a lot cooking in the kitchen... and if you're hungry, stay awhile and see what we have to offer. We may have exactly what you're looking for & if not, we've got all the ingredients... so anything's possible. While you're here, please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're interested in and we'll make sure to serve you faster... and we'll invite you back when we open our doors, so you don't have to wait in line to get in. :)

If you're wondering who we are and how you ended up here... keep reading.

Once upon a time, we took a tour of the internet looking for great partners & services for our exclusive portfolio of domain names, and even though we found a lot out there, we didn't find "exactly" what we were looking for. So instead of coming back empty-handed, we brought back lots of ideas. We merged those ideas with our own ideas, and since we didn't feel like waiting around for others to create the sites & services that we were looking for, we decided to build them ourselves. You see, we've never enjoyed being spectators... why watch the game... when you can join in and play? We enjoy getting our hands dirty and working 20 hours a day. :)   So we're going to focus our energy into creating something everyone can be a part of... and we mean EVERYONE.

We're putting together a big team with an even bigger dream. We're an incubator, a think tank, a factory and more... all rolled into one network... a keiretsu that shares resources & benefits to make everyone in our network stronger. We've been working on building our network and developing services that we wanted to use ourselves and now we're looking forward to offering them to others. We want to raise awareness plus generate more excitement around our ideas. We believe some of our concepts have longevity... and we're going to work hard to make sure of it. To make all this happen, we've been partnering with people of "like mind"... and perhaps you're exactly what we're looking for. The more partners we have, the quicker our dreams will become reality. We're looking to expand our team and there are many opportunities available: sweat-for-equity, knowledge-for-equity, revenue/traffic-sharing, cross-promotion and of course we are looking for mentors & financial partners. If you are interested in joining our team and learning more about the Keiretsu, contact us.

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