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Engadget Podcast 023 - 03.21.2005

Wireless, wireless, everywhere. Ryan Block shares highlights from the CTIA wireless expo; retail anticipation on the PSP; should you get an extended warranty?; a trip down memory lane from Playstation Magazine; and of course, the new kid in class.

Host: Eric Rice.
Format: 29:06, 6.6 MB, MP3

Click here to listen to the show (MP3) or add the Engadget Podcast Feed to your Podcasting application and have the show delivered automatically. This show as created with Audioblog.com, GarageBand and iTunes.

We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.

01:29- Computer Chronicles 1984, Blue And Green Lawnmower, Who the heck am I?, new numbers, the Motorola i930 Vaporware
04:47- The Treo, the HP iPaq h6315 and T-mobile pulling it from the shelves.
08:14- The PlayStation Portable cometh and the bizarro UDM formatted movies
11:01- Extended warranties and replacement plans. Should you?
14:23- A trip down portable gaming memory lane.
18:43- Ryan Block recaps the hot items from CTIA wireless expo.
26:24- It's not podcasting that will hurt radio… it's mobile phones
27:05- Ask Engadget. Home backup solutions.
28:01- Wish Peter Rojas a Happy Birthday

Call and leave us a message! 206-338-GEEK (4335) or send audio comments to engadgetpodcast@gmail.com

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Reader Comments (Page 1 of 4)

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Zeno @ Mar 21st 2005 12:08AM

Yeeeeeeeeeaah, the Engadget Podcast is baaaaack! Greeeeeeeeeat!

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Kevin @ Mar 21st 2005 12:17AM

Glad to see the podcast back, it's been a while.


vote up vote downReportNeutral

djTA630 @ Mar 21st 2005 12:17AM

FINALLY! Woo-F'in-Hoo!!!

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Dave B @ Mar 21st 2005 12:19AM

Is it the same feed.. I tried the old feed in Ipodder 2.0 and it didnt bring up episode 23

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Dave B @ Mar 21st 2005 12:20AM

Is it the same feed.. I tried the old feed in Ipodder 2.0 and it didnt bring up episode 23

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Adam P @ Mar 21st 2005 12:24AM

Holy $h!+, a podcast!

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Ben @ Mar 21st 2005 12:27AM

What's the podcast feed address? The old one isn't working.

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Ben @ Mar 21st 2005 12:31AM

Ok, it's this one.

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Alexander Pfeiffenberger @ Mar 21st 2005 12:32AM

I'm so glad to see the Engadget Podcast back - but I have to say that I do miss Phil's soothing voice.

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Antonio Rosario @ Mar 21st 2005 12:33AM

What the heck is the new Podcast address? The old one doesn't work, at least in iPodderX (the old one I have is: http://media.weblogsinc.com/common/videos/pt/rss.xml)

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Matthew Purdy @ Mar 21st 2005 12:53AM

Thank God it's back!!! What happened to Phil and Lenn? That's cool if they dont want to do it anymore, but an update would be nice. Oh well, thanks for bringing it back!!!

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Dean Shan @ Mar 21st 2005 1:05AM

I'm glad to see the Podcast is back. Thanks for bringing it back.

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Tyme @ Mar 21st 2005 1:06AM

After three months... All in all, i was expecting more.. I miss the old guys and the longer tymes...

vote up vote downReportNeutral

TT @ Mar 21st 2005 1:22AM

WOW! It's about time. This was always one of my favorite PodCasts, and the last few months have been very lonely without it! Can we expect PodCasts more than once every 3 months now?

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Eric Rice @ Mar 21st 2005 1:24AM

TT, my goal is weekly, every sunday night so it's ready for Monday morning's commute (Well Eastern/Pacific Time Zones anyway).

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Matt @ Mar 21st 2005 1:30AM

No offence to the new guy but where's Phil :(

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Chuck Olsen @ Mar 21st 2005 1:35AM

Eric Rice rawks!

podcasts tend to be way too long IMO -- this is a good length.

vote up vote downReportNeutral

scott @ Mar 21st 2005 1:39AM

I love the podcast! Thank you!

vote up vote downReportNeutral

zman @ Mar 21st 2005 1:44AM

wheres the other guy hes better

vote up vote downReportNeutral

Chris Leckness @ Mar 21st 2005 2:44AM

Happy Birthday Peter! Mine is today!


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