September 05, 2006

Flashify.. and Wikifi!! Blacksburg Town Hall

Well that just about sums it up. Thanks to everyone who showed up this evening for the Virginia Tech get together. Great lively discussion. Lots of very interesting thoughts and questions from about 150 students and Blacksburg locals in attendance. I was particularly struck by the interest in use of audience members to work on the genome. 'Flashify' the training and data input process to select the best analysts, and 'wiki-fy' the collection of musical information. There is certainly a strong current of enthusiasm for that approach - of which our process is most definitely not an example. It's a conversation I'm looking forward to continuing in the years ahead.


Tonight's event has me particularly excited about the upcoming college visits we have planned.

Sorry for those who didn't get hats/shirts - drop me a note and I'll make sure you get one. Also let me know if you have blogs/photos we should link to.

cheers to everyone. Tim (Founder)

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August 30, 2006

Blacksburg VA Town Hall !!

Heading for Hokie country! We're holding a Town Hall meeting next Tuesday, September 5th on the Virginia Tech campus. Looking forward to visiting the town that is apparently the most connected place in the country... Hope to learn a lot from you tech savvy types...



When: Tuesday, September 5th - 6:30pm
Where: Squires Colonial Hall
225 Squires Student Center
Virginia Tech Campus

VT has a great number of pandora listeners... one of the most of any campus. Should be a great evening. And we'll have some cool pandora stuff...

This is a FREE event. Please RSVP to

Hope to see you there! Tim (Founder)

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August 21, 2006

Background Music


Over the weekend I drove up from Oakland to Napa Valley and listened to This American Life to pass the time. As I listened to this week's stories I was struck by the critical role the background music played. Whether it's just a sonic backdrop for a moment of storytelling or a mechanism to transition from one scene to the next, the music provided important glue and subtext to the show. It wouldn't have been the same experience without it.

On Friday night Pandora had the great fortune to provide the "soundtrack" for the 7th TechCrunch Party.

TechCrunch is a website that covers emerging companies on the new Internet as well as the mobile and consumer electronic domains. All of this is the brainchild of Mike Arrington who I was lucky enough to connect with at last year's inaugural BarCamp. Mike's covered Pandora's evolution ever since.

So, as the nearly 700 guests at Mike's party mingled, Pandora played DJ and - just like This American Life - the party had a completely different edge depending on what was spinning.

This was the 7th TechCrunch party and Pandora has been the DJ at just about all of them. It's been a great way to get to know the bright people working on new web products and services as well as familiar faces from around the blogosphere like Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, and Scott Beale.

If you've let Pandora be the DJ at your own party, let us know how it went in the comments. We'd love to hear about it.

Photo Credit Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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Backstage behavior

Do you recognize this behavior?
I happened to discover this song last week on Pandora: Say What You Mean by Maktub.

It was one of those times where you're trying to Get Things Done, but this amazing song comes have to find out what that song is, right? And once you see the album cover, then you have to click through to the artist bio, right? Because who is singing this fabulous song?! And then you want to read the notes about the album too. And maybe listen to a few of the clips of the rest of the songs on the album? And then maybe you create a couple of stations initiated from different songs on the same album, just to see how different the stations might turn out? (or is this just me?)

Then you see that the song you're loving musically matches a Prince song; that's interesting! I grew up in Prince Country, so I have to listen to the clip of that song too, don't I? And then wait: it's Prince singing (what if god was) One of Us. I remember Joan Osborne singing that. Huh, I wonder who wrote it? (sound of nerdy researching...answer: Eric Bazilian)
Pretty soon you've "wasted" a chunk of "precious" time just enjoying this music and the Backstage information surrounding it.
Ah, but it sure beats the alternative, doesn't it? There's nothing wrong with having a happily stuffed Pandora profile!

cheers, Lucia

Maktub Radio

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August 17, 2006


We're gearing up for a whole host of get togethers this Fall and would love to hear thoughts, suggestions, etc. from all of you. Already have Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Indiana, and more on the itinerary. We've created links for those respective states to the right on this page. We'd welcome your input, including suggestions for other destinations.

Also, if you like to help out, please send us a note to We can use all the help we can get!

Hope to see you in your hometown soon. Cheers. Tim (Founder)

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