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August 01

Hello, Windows Live Spaces - Lets be friends :)

I am not going to spend time telling you about all the new stuff since you can find that out on the Spaces Space - The Space Craft and I want to spend time checking it out myself
We have added a friends section (at the bottom of the page). Please request to be a MessengerSays friend (just add the url from your friends list)   
So you might be thinking what does this have to do with Messenger?
You can easily check out your friends' friends in Messenger
1. Right click on a contact
2. Click View
3. Click Friends List
There is also an entry point on the contact card - it is the icon with 3 green buddies having a party  
comment policy: Read this for Messenger help or feedback. Blog comments should be related to this specific post. Thanks!

July 25

Search Activity Refreshed!

 Posted by Joseph, a Search Activity Program Manager


Have you ever tried Search Activity in Messenger ? After 3 months wait, we bring you a new refresh to this feature.


First, you can search images while chatting with buddy now. Wow!

Not only search, but also you can play with a powerful drag/drop:

To send the image result, please drag/drop it to the message box

To set as your display picture, just drag/drop it to the display picture area

To set as the window background, drag/drop the result to anywhere else


PS: Currently, search images only available in English language country (US, United Kingdom, Australia).


Have you ever complained about why not support IE 7? Now, we support it for you. Customer is always our God.


If you often typo some keywords, our new spell checker feature can help you greatly.


For those who haven't tried this Search Activity yet, please go to the Blog entry below and try it:



Finally, it's show time for the exciting features in future:

  • Instant Answers
  • Support for 32 more markets
  • User tutorial

July 23

Help! Feedback! Marco! Polo!

It is *HOT* in Seattle . When I say hot I mean 100 degrees+ (37 for my fellow Canadians). Now I know this maybe not be a big deal for some people but when you are used to 72 +/- 10 degress it is a big deal. We don't have air conditioning and work turns off the air conditioning on the weekends so my husband and I got this little kiddie pool to splash around in. Best $8 we have ever spent - so much fun.
Now it was too small to even play the classic Marco Polo game. One person runs around the pool yelling Marco with their eyes closed. Everyone else must yell Polo and the Marco yeller tries to tag someone to take his or her place. Now imagine if you are playing running around with your eyes closing yelling Marco this but no one is yelling Polo... pretty fustrating.
I can imagmine some of you feel that way when you post comments here and we don't always reply. I have provided a little guide below on the best ways to communicate with the Windows Live Messenger team. 
I can't sign in! I can't see my contacts! Help!
You need support - Messenger Support.
Things you can do:
1. Check out the Messenger help pages (In Messenger -> Help -> Help Topics)
2. Check out the Messegner support blog (http://messenger-support.spaces.msn.com/)
Messenger please change\add\remove <fill in the blank>! Feedback!
You need to send us feedback asap.
There is only one thing you need to do:
Fill out the Messenger feedback form (http://feedback.live.com/eform.aspx?productkey=wlmessenger)
This blog post makes me laugh, cry, etc. so much that I want to Comment!
If you have comments about a blog post please post a comment to this blog. Pretty easy huh?

July 18

Missing Contacts


  posted by Leah

[8/2 Update again]: It is clear that some people are still seeing some/all missing contacts. If THIS PARTICULAR issue is happening to you, please send email to: messengeresc@hotmail.com and put "missing contacts" in the subject line. The people reading this email will not respond to any other types of issues - please continue sending any other issue to support via the help menu in Messenger.

Update: To our knowledge, this specific problem appears to be fixed. We fixed the servers and our support calls dropped dramatically. Appologies again for the inconvenience. If you are still seeing this problem, or another one, please use the help link in the file menus to contact support. Thanks!


update: the problem has been identified and we've begun fixing it. Basically we just had some servers go down - but as far as we know, no information (your contacts!) is lost. People are working on getting the harware back up and running. Some people may see the everything back to normal already - some people will encounter the problem for a little while longer (i'm hoping hours) but i'll post back first thing in the morning when I'm told that this particular problem seems to be solved.


A conversation between two random people after reading that:


Windows Live Messenger is currently experiencing technical Difficulties.


Person A: So what kind of technical difficulties are we talking?


Person B:  Apparently, some people are signing in and then are unable to see some/all of their contact list.  And a little notification that says something about  “Due to a connection problem…”


Person A: Oh dear! What should these people do?


Person B:  NOT WORRY. The Messenger team is working hard to fix the problem.  They sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this is causing Messenger customers.  They’re asking that people be patient and check back on the blog for more information. 


Person A: Guess what I heard? Even the Messenger Blogger, Leah, is running into this problem on her computer. So she’s gonna make SURE this gets fixed as fast as possible.  Isn’t that reassuring?


Person B: That is very reassuring.  Will she let us know when there is more information?


Person A:  Absolutely. (She promised me herself)

July 15

Help Celebrate Messenger's Birthday

 posted by Leah


Here is a very short list of things that are awesome:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Free stuff

Part 1: Birthdays

Recently, I learned that the first version of Messenger shipped on July 22, 1999. I checked my calendar, did a little math, and realized, Hey - Messenger is about to turn seven years old.


Always looking for an excuse to celebrate, I started thinking…


“Let’s throw a birthday party!”


I talked to Kerry, a fellow PM, who asked three super-awesome companies, 3H, Kiwee (American Greetings Interactive)  & Quebles (Mobile Money), if they’d like to help celebrate.  They must have known about the very short list of things that are awesome, because they said “Absolutely.”


Part 2: Free Stuff

All three came through with fantastic FREE “party favors” such as winks, backgrounds, emoticons, and display pictures to celebrate the big day.


To congratulate Messenger for making it to the ripe old age of seven, Kerry and I developed this scheme to try and get as many people as possible spreading the “Happy birthday, Messenger!” message…but we need your help!


1)      Checkout the links below, and download whichever “Happy Birthday!” items you want – they’re ALL FREE – designed just for this occasion.

-      3H


-      Kiwee (American Greetings Interactive)  



-      Quebles (Mobile Money) 

2)      Show them off and tell people how to get them too. Share the backgrounds, send the winks, use the emoticons and display pictures. If you’re a blogger – put links to the free stuff on your blog, or trackback to this post.


On the big day, July 22,  I’ll tally up all the people who helped celebrate (by downloading the free stuff).  Let’s shoot for the biggest, baddest, birthday bash ever!




 [update] Thank you, Marc, for leaving a link to this Happy Birthday, Messenger video. Fun!



3H has translated their Messenger Birthday download page into these other languages:

Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, US, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Mexico, Latam, Brazil, FR Canada, Germany,Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Swiss FR, Swiss German,Netherlands, Spain, Belgium Fr, Belgium Dutch

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