View Article  Video: Silicon Valley Roadshow
The Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow rolled into the place I grew up: Silicon Valley.

Jamis of Buck's talks about the legendary history of Buck's as it relates to Silicon Valley culture; Valerie Cunningham gives an overview of the GoingOn Network.

Special thanks to venue sponsor Bucks of Woodside and Blogware.

View Article  Roadshow Silicon Valley! August 15, 2005 @ Buck's of Woodside
There's no place like home. One of the places I'm most proud of is the Silicon Valley. My family heritage stretches from Portola Valley to Morgan Hill and everywhere in between. I'm from here. This is my home.

And growing up entrenched in the hotbed of technology innovation, I'm thrilled to announce the venue host for the Silicon Valley Roadshow: Buck's of Woodside!

Join us Monday night, August 15, 2005 at 6pm for some good eatin', drinkin', podcastin' and vloggin' (and tomfoolery, heh) at this famous hot spot, right off of Highway 280 on Woodside Road.

Come hang out to talk shop, meet some local podcasters and vloggers, and who knows who else might show up. ;-) After all, it's right up the road from places like Google, HP, Yahoo, Adobe, Apple, Intel, and hmm, even Sand Hill Road.

See ya there!
View Article  Roadshow Atlanta! August 9, 2005 @ Omni Hotel CNN Center
Okay, so it's a little unexpected to throw an east coast roadshow in the middle of the west coast tour, but hey! Unexpected is the New Black.

If you're an Atlanta-area podcaster, videoblogger, blogger, then head on down to Latitudes lounge and bistro inside the Omni Hotel at CNN Center on Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 7pm and meet some local podcasters and (hopefully) vloggers.

Located at 100 CNN Center, downtown Atlanta.

Hilary from Podcrawl informs me that MARTA rolls right into CNN Center.

See ya there!
View Article  Roadshow San Francisco - August 6, 2005 @ House of Shields
There's no place like home. The next three stops on the Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow are in my home state, California.

In fact, since the Silicon Valley Roadshow so close to the San Francisco Roadshow, we've got no apologies about the SF venue being 21 and up!

We are pleased to have The House of Shields hosting the event on Saturday, August 6, 2005. Doors are opening early at 4pm. Located at 39 New Montgomery, The House of Shields is the second oldest pub in San Francisco.

There's going to be live music, PLUS, you can meet the whole crew from The Eric Rice Show.

Call every blogger, podcaster, and videoblogger you know. Bring a newbie. Bring a camera. Bring a newbie. And all you journalists out there? Don't be shy. Come on out and let's show the rest of the world why SF is one of the hardcore hot spots for making media.

The Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow is sponsored by and also by The Podcast Hotel brought to you by Corante; and of course, our good friends at Tucows, makers of the Blogware, the blog software that powers the Podcast Roadshow and many others.
View Article  Video: Podcast Roadshow, Portland, OR
Sustainable! (That's an inside joke) But the Portland podcaster/vlogger community is no joke. A long history with multimedia, temperate climates, and plenty of nearby tech (and mighty fresh eatin'), Portland has always been a place that I've noticed from afar that seems to be on the early adopter side of the fence. As Tim Germer from Northwest Noise put it, "We already make our own media!"

Greg Hughes also shows off the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and shows how to make your handwriting into a font.

Download and watch the footage from Portland, OR. Be sure to visit

Tiny Screenfuls, TikiWonder, Delta Park Project, John Hartman, Corante @ Podcasting, Big Time Television, Greg Hughes, BBHub, Droxy, TV Squad, Northwest Noise.

Sponsored by: and The Podcast Hotel Coming to Portland 9/6-8/2005.
View Article  Roadshow Portland - July 16, 2005
Up the street from the Farmer's Market is a Seattle's Best at Portland (doh!) State University. It's at 1742 SW Sixth Ave., and we're meeting there at noon. We'll hang out for an hour or so and then start walking through downtown for the infamous blog/pod/vlog walks. This is Saturday, July 16th.

Bring a camera, bring a microphone, bring a newbie! There's no set schedule and who knows where we'll end up to eat or drink that oh-so loverly Oregon beer. Comfy shoes, cuz it's an outdoorsy-kind of day.
View Article  Video: Podcast Roadshow, Seattle, WA
The Podcast & Videoblog Roadshow came to the Pacific Northwest, with the first stop in Seattle, right after the Gnomedex conference. Download and watch the video.

Total Running Time: 9:01

Guest hosted by Doug Dobbins, other guests included: Jamie Nelson from Planet Nelson and Didge Planet, Clint Sharp, Melanie Sharp, Stuart and Louise Maxell, Travis from the Crap Monkey Podcast, and Bre Pettis and his classic Volvo.

Thanks to the crew at Technorati for their unexpected and unofficial sponsorship of the mic flag. ;-)

The Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow is sponsored by

View Article  Vancouver, BC 6/27/2005
Seattle Podcast RoadshowPodcasters and Videobloggers! Bring a non-podcasting or non-vlogging friend, your gear, a camera, as the Roadshow comes to Vancouver, BC.

Our hosts for the evening are the good folks at Bryght. So if you're in town, stop on by! You might even get some live music action. ;-)

When: Monday, June 27, 2005, 5:00 pm
Where: Bryght, 525 Seymour Street, Suite 203, Vancouver, BC
View Article  Seattle, WA 6/26/2005
Seattle Podcast RoadshowThere's nothing finer than videoblogging in a city with such tourist intensity. After all, where else can you gleefully whip out a camera in public and goof off with no one giving you a second look?

The Roadshow hits Seattle on SUNDAY, June 26, 2005 (right after Gnomedex), and where else to start a run of the city, but at the Pike Place Public Market on the waterfront. Food. Coffee. People throwing fish. Musicians. Street vendors. And who know what else. Talk about soundseeing tours for podcasters!

After the market closes, we can make our way to the Space Needle and EMP Live! area, for plenty of video eye candy and the place where we watch the sun go down...

So, Seattle podcasters and videobloggers, bring a non-podcasting or non-vlogging friend, bring your gear, get amped up on coffee (we know we will), and meet us at the big sign (by the fish throwers, or wherever there are benches to congregate around).

When: Sunday, June 26, 2005, 3:00 PM
Where: Pike Place Public Market, out front at the entrance by the big sign.
Where else: Since the Market closes at 5, let's shoot to migrate to the Space Needle/EMP Live area, where we can lay about. The Needle closes at 11, and the EMP place closes at 8. (Not that we'd go in, but at least we know how long to loiter.

See ya in Jet City.
View Article  Roadshow: Hawai'i

In this video, some sights and sounds and Lucas Gonze explaining XSPF to a new podcaster

The first Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow kicked off in Honolulu, HI, where we sat down with local podcasters and videobloggers for an evening of conversation, food, and general good vibes.

As destinations go, it's tough to find a more picture perfect place than Hawaii to show the power of video. In fact, simply walking down the beach, you see the video cameras in force, as tourists from around the world (and especially Japan), capture the memories of their vacation.

I learned quite a bit about the islands, the state of tourism, and how local podcasters use the isolation of being six hours away from anything to their advantage.

Ryan Ozawa, of the HawaiiUP podcast, covers local issues and plays 'pod-safe' music from local artists. I also had the good fortune to chat with Eric Lagrimas, who provides the music for HawaiiUP's theme song. He was in the Ala Moana shopping center checking out sales at one of the few retail stores that sells his CD, which is on the Quiet Storm label.

Some local podcasts get the word out about getting involved in local politics, such as Peter Kay's Vote Hawaii podcast. Download the issues of the day before you go for a run on the beach: All politics is local.

It's not all island-esque, however. Two others from the islands provide a popular technology podcast and a web-based playlist service.

Todd Cochrane, host of popular Geek News Central and author of Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide, walks and talks IT from his home in Honolulu.

Lucas Gonze, advocate of the open source playlist format XSPF (recently adopted by Yahoo!), has been at the helm of the web-based playlist site Webjay.

Both sites are known on the mainland U.S. and beyond. Proof that you can work from anywhere.

Finally, I was able to spend some time the next day with the folks from Barefeet Studios, a dual-city consultancy (Honolulu and Sante Fe, NM), who weren't able to join us for the roadshow dinner at Jackie Chan's only U.S. restaurant, Jackie's Kitchen.

Links: Flickr photos tagged with 'podcastroadshow'
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