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914 PC-BOT

Founder’s Edition 914-HMV

This new model 914 features many improvements over the 912 prototype that you may have seen or read about - including heavy duty stamped steel chassis, improved power supply and charging system, larger commercial grade wheels, more powerful drive motors, higher amperage batteries, heavy gauge steel-reinforced drive train, and an easier-to-use 5.25" bay mounting system.*

For a limited time, we are offering an exclusive Founder’s Edition 914-HMV that features unique paint and detailing, a signed and numbered certificate, an internal satellite subwoofer system and a high end, high resolution web cam for advanced facial recognition and high quality imaging for telepresence over the internet.*

The Founder’s Edition 914-HMV will have a limited run of only 1,000 units!

Price: $1,199 USD**

Click the button below to reserve your 914 PC-BOT with a $299 deposit.  (Limit 6 per customer- contact us if you wish to order more)


Price: $1,699 USD**

Click the button below to reserve your Founder’s Edition 914-HMV with an $849 deposit (Limit 6 per customer- contact us if you wish to order more)

*Images shown above include optional accessories

We are committed to a firm manufacturing schedule:

  • Tooling Starts:
  • May 31

  • First 20 units verified:
  • August 25

  • Production run complete:
  • September 30

  • Customers receive units:
  • November 15-30

    We invite you to Dream in White.

    With Sincere Thanks,

    Thomas Burick
    Founder and President, White Box Robotics


    White Box Robotics has employed Panalpina Inc. (http://www.panalpina.com/), a global leader in freight forwarding with offices on six continents, to manage shipping of the PC-BOT. We are jointly committed to keeping costs down while ensuring quality handling. White Box Robotics is absorbing the costs to get the PC-BOTS to major distribution centers in the United States and the Orient. Courier costs from these centers to the door of our customer will be passed through to the customer. With global demand, this is the only way we can assure fair pricing practices.

    To calculate an approximate courier cost, you can use the US Postal Service Calculator at http://ircalc.usps.gov/. For US customers, please use 33178 as the originating ZIP code. The box will be roughly 24”H x 14”W x 14”D, weighing 50 lbs. We will be negotiating discounts relative to the costs you will calculate with this method.

    Actual shipping charges will be calculated near to the time of shipment, and billed at time of shipment.


    Model 914 PC-BOT