PC-BOTs - Model 914

When Thomas Burick, founder of White Box Robotics, set out to create the 914, he knew it had to be a machine of distinction with refined features. He studied everything from fighter jets to exotic concept cars for inspiration.

Small details, so often overlooked in enthusiast platforms, were vital - easy on / easy off body panels, commercial grade drive wheels, extra room in the chassis for additional hardware development, heavy duty power supply, and unrivaled modularity for countless configurations.

The 914 also features integrated capabilities like vision-based navigation, object recognition, speech synthesis and speech recognition - all in an easy-to-use yet powerful point-and-click graphical user interface.

Mini-ITX motherboards, RAM, hard drives, CD drives, web cams, 5.25" bay accessories, MOD hardware... thousands of standard PC parts easily assemble into this amazing chassis. The advantage is clear - advanced mobile robots for the cost of a good PC.



Model 914 PC-BOT