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Chris Pirillo

Vista ReadyBoost

So, one of the nifty new features of Windows Vista is - a feature that enables you to plug in a USB 2.0 Thumb Drive and have it show up as physical memory in your system. I wanted to give this a shot, so I rushed out and picked up the highest capacity USB 2.0 drive that I could find: A PNY Attache 4.0GB USB stick. I plugged ‘er in, selected the “Speed up my System” AutoPlay option, and waited for the magic to happen. Turns out, it’s not fast enough!? Okay, so back to the store I’ll go - looking for a high-capacity, high-speed USB 2.0 thumb drive to ReadyBoost my Vista laptop. Since Microsoft isn’t making any recommendations, I need to start compiling a list of which sticks work and which ones won’t. Gotta find a Wiki plugin for WordPress!

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AMD AM2 FX-62 Processor

Here’s the AMD AM2 FX-62 Processor - not available in stores or PCs quite yet. I had an opportunity to play with it at WinHEC yesterday. Feels like a processor, man. Looks like a processor, too. The AMD representatives were quite kind to me, answering all the questions without all the ego that other companies seem to exude. AMD isn’t blogging yet, but some of their employees certainly have blogger-type personalities. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve. A great amount of technology and hardware enthusiasts are totally in AMD’s camp. Intel has to play catch-up. One thing’s for sure - there’s an impending processor war coming, and the consumers will win. If you’d like a larger view, just click on the picture. We’ll be interviewing AMD for the show soon enough (as we’ve already given Intel a chance to share their spin).

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Outlook 2007 Might Not Suck!

I can’t believe this. I’m giving Microsoft Office Beta 2 a shot, after receiving the DVD set at WinHEC yesterday. It’s running on my Vista Beta 2 laptop right now. The first thing I did? Fire up Outlook to see if they had addressed a few of the larger bugs I’ve been submitting to them since before Outlook XP was unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. It’s not perfect, but it’s showing a bit of promise. They have a lot of UI work to clean up before I could give this my stamp of approval. Here’s my first round of feedback…

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Gnomedex Diamond Sponsorship

Microsoft is this year’s Gnomedex Diamond Sponsor. We’re involving various departments, and Ponzi has a handle on all of that. I’m not sure if they’re going to be announcing anything this year or not, though. We certainly couldn’t be doing Gnomedex without the support of them and other top-level sponsors (like Yahoo!, who’s come in at the Gold level). More top-level sponsors will be announced soon… as well as a few other surprises. If you haven’t yet reserved your ticket, I wouldn’t wait too much longer.

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Warning to All BlogWare Users

I’ve been waiting over a week to hear back from BlogWare support on a request to retrieve my files from their system. They do provide FTP access for a small set of files, but not all of them. You see, when you upload an image, it gets stored in the _photos directory. When you upload any other file through an entry form, it gets placed in the _attachments directory. Both of these directories are virtual. I was able to get all the images out of the _photos “directory” through spidering the site, but I still can’t get the files in the _attachements “directory.” Asking TuCows to do this for me is tantamount to asking Steve Jobs for the source code to OS X. If BlogWare isn’t going to give me access to my files, I’m going to have to find some other way to get ‘em. If any of you care to spider chris.lockergnome.net and grab all the files in the _attachments “directory, be my guest - and let me know where you put ‘em so that I can get ‘em from you (as my spidering efforts don’t seem to be effective for that virtual location). If you’re going to become a BlogWare user, understand that you may face the same problem at some point, too (or already have).

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The Media Center Sandbox

Found this while trying a link in Windows Vista last night - through Charlie comes The Media Center Sandbox. There’s not much going on there right now, but he did admit to this being a soft launch. Not sure how much softer it could be, but certainly a place that I’ll be keeping my eye on. Communities like these are the ones that produce fantastic tools that most people never discover. If you have a Media Center (MCE), you might want to play in the sandbox, too. I’ve got my Media Center sitting next to me at my desk - but I completely forgot to reconnect the cable to the splitter after I was finished troubleshooting a Comcast problem the other day. Argh! Well, it certainly makes for a great radio tuner (although you can’t really record radio programming through MCE right now). Good luck with the Media Center sandbox, Charlie!

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Microsoft Slows Microsoft Down

The screen shot from Windows Vista proves it. Any comment, Brandon? Of course, I’d expect a lot of these kinds of bugs in beta builds - especially when one beta is combined with another beta. The search “engine” is light years better than it was in previous verisons of Windows, or so the Search team tells me. I haven’t yet tried to copy my PST over into Outlook. I’ll be using Vista more and more on the road, as it’s now my laptop OS.

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Windows Vista Feedback

I spent a few hours with Windows Vista last night, per Jim Allchin’s request to send him feedback about what I discovered in terms of discrepancies and oversights. I took that task seriously, and stayed up late to compile this far-from-comprehensive list. I sent it to him at 1am, and I hope he doesn’t have a filter that keeps him from seeing it. I realize this list is lengthy, but… these reasons are exactly why I’m afraid Vista won’t be as polished as originally anticipated. I warn you, this list is long - and it’s only going to get longer, the deeper I dive into Vista Beta 2. This list is longer than the interview!

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An Interview with Jim Allchin

If you didn’t already catch it, we had a short interview with Jim Allchin posted this afternoon. This, of course, was before dinner with Jim Allchin. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not like we spent all day with the guy or anything. I also think I’m ready to switch from Intel to AMD…

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Ethan Kaplan

Confirmed Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Ethan Kaplan. No relation to Pud, Ethan is the Director of Technology for Warner Bros Records. That would mean he’s largely responsible for a lot of the geeky stuff that happens over there. I can’t imagine any Gnomedexer not owning at least one Warner Bros music product - go look at your CD shelf right now (or iPod, for that matter). With music playing such an intregal part of our lives as consumers, we’re looking forward to discovering what the other side has to say about all this new-fangled technology. Are they coping, choking, or creating new opportunities for everybody in this circle?

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Thai Buddha Loves Windows Vista

Took this photo at the Wild Ginger restaurant in downtown Seattle tonight. The meal was absolutely fabulous - the best I’ve ever had there. From the lamb to the chicken to the scallops to the bass to the green beans to the coconut ice cream… everything tasted amazing. We were there for a private Microsoft party, and I couldn’t help but notice this statuette peeking out from behind a pile of Windows Vista bags. I guess it’s going to be a very holy operating system?

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My Caricature

The caricature you see on my personal blog was drawn by someone else a few years ago, although I’ve since lost touch with him (and wouldn’t know how to get ahold of him for other projects). I did start a conversation with another fantastic graphic artist, and we’ll be working on an independent project together as soon as we can find a sponsor. I also had myself cartoonized when I was the host on TechTV’s Call for Help - although that has been my least favorite caricature. A few weeks ago, I received an email from the husband of Jaguar Woman. She wanted to 3D-ify my likeness! The results have been pretty amazing, as I’ve been transformed into a digital dude - who can assume a variety of poses in a variety of situations with a variety of costumes. That’s my question for you today: what should my 3D character do? Jaguar Woman can make him do whatever, wherever - so we’re only limited by our imaginations. Again, if you could see my caracature doing anything, anywhere - what would that be? C’mon, let’s get crazy with this three dimensional Gnome. Email me your ideas. I linked to my older caracatures in tonight’s report, Caricature Crazy.

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Mnemonic Web Design

I’ve been in tweak mode for the past few days, getting this blog ready to duplicate for a coming Lockergnome project (based on MultiUser WordPress). In futzing with my CSS, I’ve had to enter values for positioning left and right (literally). You can define the spacing for margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom, and margin-left separately - or you can define the spacing for all four (or less) in a single margin property. Employing “margin: 10px 3px 3px 10px” is easy. The trouble is, I could never remember which one was for which position! But I didn’t stay in TRBL for long. Top, Right, Bottom, Left - no trouble at all, so long as I can remember to keep myself in TRBL. Mnemonic devices are so nices.

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Pud Kaplan!

Confirmed Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Pud Kaplan. Many of you may not know this, but Pud was at Gnomedex III a few years ago. That was his first trip to Iowa (and boy did he have fun with us). He was a fantastic discussion leader back then, and he’ll be a fantastic discussion leader this year as well. If you’ve never met Pud in person, you’re in for a treat. Certainly, he’s launched millions dozens of successful Web services - so I’m sure he needs no introduction. If nothing else, it’ll be a laugh a minute with him on stage! He’s good f’in company.

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Black MacBook Video

Tibor Ratkai sent me an email this morning, notifying me that my voice (as well as Ponzi’s) has been used without our permission for a video Mac-Essentials.de just produced on the new black MacBooks. Well, let me be the first to say: COOL! If they thought Derek’s remix was awesome enough to use for the video soundtrack, who am I to argue? My only wish is that the video could’ve been longer. I don’t think we ever would have found out about this if it weren’t for Tibor. Don’t know if it makes me wanna run out and get a black MacBook yet, but it certainly gives me bragging rights - to say that my voice played a pivotal role in a German video about new Apple laptops. How’s that for obscure?

I don’t know if I’d buy one of Apple’s new MacBooks right now or not. I’d much rather wait until OS X has Boot Camp baked into the operating system. That, and I’m waiting for Apple to release a few more generations of the MacBook running on the Intel platform. I’m in no rush to upgrade to a piece of hardware that might very well be a PoS. Apple’s done a good job with the MacBook, don’t get me wrong - but I’m just not enthusiastic about running out and buying one. Making the MacBook black is enticing, but not anything more than “interesting” to me as a tech enthusiast today. Ask Andru from GearLive what he thinks after he was forced to leave Boot Camp.

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OpenSearch RSS AutoDiscovery for WordPress Searches

I started to compile a "wish list" of WordPress plugins. Turns out, many of my wishes have already come true - it just took a little digging on Google. Too bad there's not an amazingly comprehensive WordPress plugin directory / wiki (and if there is, nobody really knows about it yet). One of my wishes was for an OpenSearch feed. Turns out Williamsburger already created a plugin, with a WP 2.0 compatible version linked from his comments thread. This got me up and running with my own OpenSearch feed easily enough, but I wanted to have it actually be autodiscoverable within a search query. Without bothering anybody in my personal circle, I found the variables I needed to insert between at the top of my header.php template:

  1. <?php if (is_search()) { ?>
  2.  <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="<?bloginfo('name'); ?>: <?=wp_specialchars($s); ?>" href="http://chris.pirillo.com/os-query?s=<?=wp_specialchars($s); ?>" /&gt;
  3. <?php } ?>

There you go. An autodiscoverable feed for your WordPress searches! Try a search on my blog for a living example. Couldn't have gotten it done unless Shayne figured out what I was doing wrong within the .htaccess file. Ugh. I've gotta start learning more about Regular Expressions. FUN!

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Ultimate Tag Warror META Keywords

It's amazing what happens when you email the developer of a WordPress plugin - they respond. At least, most of 'em do (I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple of 'em right now, including Red Alt on being able to search posts from his admin search plugin). After blasting a note to Chris Davis about his community-based tagger, I sent a note off to Christine Davis (no relation) about some shortcomings in the current Ultimate Tag Warrior. I wanted UTW to copy tags into the META keywords tag. She responded with code which needed to be tweaked a bit by Shayne:

  1. <?php if (is_tag()) { ?>
  2.  <meta name="keywords" content="<?php UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet('',array('first'=>'%tagdisplay%', 'default'=&gt; ', %tagdisplay%')); ?&gt;" /&gt;
  3. <?php } else if (is_single()) { ?>
  4.  <meta name="keywords" content="<?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost('',array('first'=>'%tagdisplay%', 'default'=&gt; ', %tagdisplay%')); ?&gt;" /&gt;
  5. <?php } ?>

That's for all you SEO types out there who are also using the wildly-popular Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin (and I'm not just saying that because it supports Gada.be). This is fun!

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Dave Inchy Code?

I keep hearing things about this guy: Dave Inchy. Apparently, he wrote a code or something? Makes no sense to me. They wrote a book about it (a best-seller), and everybody's talking about the new movie starring Tom Hanks - but I can't seem to find the listings for "Dave Inchy Code," and it's really starting to frustrate me. Does Tom Hanks play Dave Inchy? A quick search for this Dave character doesn't really explain anything, either. Mr. Inchy, if you happen to be reading this post, do you mind telling me who you are and why you wrote this alleged code? Are you a programmer? Did you invent the Pig Latin code? Perhaps.

In all seriousness, we saw the DaVinci Code the other night. Came in at the last minute and were lucky to find seating only three inches away from the screen. "Lucky" is relative, I guess. The reviews for this film have been mixed, but I (for one) rather enjoyed it. Then again, I'm into symbology, Grail lore, the Knights Templar / Priory of Scion legends, alternative histories, etc. I almost wish it was true - and in some ways, believe it more than what the world has told me to believe.

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Captain 147

They say a picture says a thousand words, and the differences between these two profiles are quite visible. Consider, however, that the photo on the left was taken a full month into my plan - when I had already lost 15 pounds (160 from 175)! Losing weight isn't much fun, nor is gaining weight - but in the end, whichever way you have to go, the results should speak for themselves. I've lost about 25 pounds of fat in the past three months...

It's not a "true" before and after photo. If you really care to look, this snapshot was taken two weeks into it (168 from 175). The worst ones came before I started, like at Seattle Mind Camp or Northern Voice. Ponzi thinks I've come down as far as I can go - weighing in at 147 yesterday. I believe, however, that I'll get to between 140 and 145 before all is said and done.

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Crap From My Keyboard

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