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WebViewer is a desktop client application which permits the playback of certain enabled live video streams and video archives with synchronized sides and TabletPC ink annotations.  It embeds  Windows Media Player and contains a subset of Classroom Presenter functionality to display the audio, video and presentation.

ConferenceXP WebViewer is an adjunct to the Microsoft Research Conferencing Experience Project.

Downloads/Revision History

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Installation notes

To install, simply verify that your system meets the requirements below, then run the installer (MSI file).

System requirements:

WebViewer Archives

Archives containing CXP WebViewer presentation data:

Troubleshooting and Known Bugs

A couple of problems have been reported with archive playback which seem to be the result of IE holding corrupt data in its cache.  Some of us have seen a situation where clicking on WBV files in IE launches WebViewer, but fails to open the media.  One user reported no ink playback.  Another user was unable to jump to a slide using the table of contents.  The workaround in all cases was to use IE Tools menu->Internet Options, and delete Temporary Internet Files.

During a live presentation, if a WebViewer user launches a stream after annotations or slide size changes have been made, the missed presentation data will never be available to the user. 

If there is a lot of annotation data in a presentation, WebViewer can consume a lot of memory and CPU.  If system resources are constrained, the rendering of ink will become delayed.

If the optional navigation buttons are enabled, clicking the forward jump too rapidly, especially in a streamed playback scenario, can cause the player to spuriously flip into stopped state.

To report bugs:  First enable logdisplay and/or logfile in the WebViewer config file (see below), then reproduce the problem, and send the information to the address at the bottom of this page.  Reporting of bugs is encouraged. 

User Notes

Configuration Options

In the WebViewer application directory, there is an XML formatted text file named "WebViewere.exe.config" which may be used to influence aspects of WebViewer's operation.  The following keys are observed at startup:

Supported Media

WebViewer may be used to play any media file supported by Windows Media Player version 9, however the value of using WebViewer is only realized if the media is accompanied by data representing presentation events such as slide transitions and annotations.   There are three general scenarios using such data for which WebViewer provides slightly different levels of support:

Custom File Type

Beginning with WebViewer 1.9.5, files ending with name extension WBV may be used to launch WebViewer and open media in a single operation.  The WBV file is a simple XML format containing a href to Windows Media content.  For Example:

<WMREF HREF="http://my.server.com/path/to/asxfile.asx"></WMREF>


WebViewer Source 1.9.2.zip

WebViewer 1.0 Source.zip

Build Requirements:

Archive Authoring

ConferenceXP implements a high quality interactive distributed classroom or distributed meeting by leveraging Internet2 or other high bandwidth, multicast-enabled network.  Live streaming and archiving of ConferenceXP events can be accomplished with Windows Media Gateway.   A more complete archiving system for ConferenceXP events is provided by the ConferenceXP Archvie Service.   This service stores all event data in a SQL Server database.  This data can then be post-processed using the CXP Archive Transcoder to produce AV and presentation data files for streaming and download. 

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