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Barnstorms XIX Award Winners

Each year our supporters and sponsors select students for a variety of awards, including product, assignments and honorariums. We salute the following winners.
  • Seong Joon Cho
  • Timothy Huynh
  • Allison Yin
  • Amy Peterson
  • Alexey Tolchinsky
  • Ben Reed
  • Jimmy DeFlippo
  • Brian Lee
  • Brian Cassella
  • Eric Powell
  • Andrew Hancock
  • Stacy Pearsall
  • Josh Birnbaum
  • Suzette Lee
  • Chris Porzio
  • Shiho Fukada
  • Chris Colbourne
  • Adam Amengual
  • Brian Lehmann
  • Lamar Standish
  • Julia Robinson
  • Victor Blue
  • James Pomerantz
  • Chad Lundquist
  • James Roper
  • Alyssa Schukar
  • Charla Jones
  • David Banks
  • Andrew Stern
  • Jed Conklin
  • Katie Falkenberg
  • Camille Seaman
  • Mario Ruiz
  • Edouard Gluck
  • Edward Linsmier

  • A twelve-week internship at the Dallas Morning News: Sonya Hebert

    A one-week internship at the White House: Debra Gulbas

    The $10,000 Nikon Spirit Initiative's Eddie Adams Scholarship: Max Bittle

    Recently Updated Alumni:
    Jeffrey Furticella
    Brandon Thibodeaux
    Chris Detrick
    Lisa Hornstein-Kunkel
    Sandra Weimar

    The Eddie Adams Workshop is an intense four-day gathering of the top professionals in photojournalism, along with 100 carefully selected students. The Workshop's purpose is to create a forum in which an exchange of ideas, techniques, and philosophies can be shared between both established members and newcomers of the profession of picture journalism. The Workshop is tuition-free, and the 100 students are chosen based on the merit of their portfolios. [more]

    Workshop Sponsored by Nikon Inc.

    Latest Snapshots!

    Submitted by: JOSHUA LOTT
    2006-10-20 19:39:34 GMT [more]

    Oct 5-8, 2007
    Details will be announced in Spring 2007

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