Using FeedDemon with Bloglines: Overview

Bloglines is a free online service which enables reading feeds through your web browser. Because your feed subscriptions are stored online, you can access them from any computer - making it a nice solution for those who use multiple systems. The downside is that being browser-based, it's not as feature rich or as responsive as a desktop application like FeedDemon.

Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds by using FeedDemon to read your Bloglines subscriptions.

FeedDemon enables you to create a special Bloglines Channel Group which is synchronized with your Bloglines subscriptions. Unlike "normal" channels, Bloglines Channels contain only the items you haven't already read through Bloglines. Likewise, items you read in FeedDemon won't appear as new in Bloglines. This enables you to read your subscriptions in either FeedDemon or Bloglines without duplication of items you've already read.