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Chris Heuer on Social Media Club

With the dizzying array of social media services online and growing choices in social media outlets, from blogs to vlogs to podcasts to wikis to message boards to old-fashioned email discussion lists, its hard to know what the rules of engagement are (or aren’t). Chris Heuer of Social Media Club is aiming to build a network of people capable of “sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media. This is the beginning of a global conversation about building an organization and a community where the many diverse groups of people who care about social media can come together to discover, connect, share, and learn.” In this conversation Chris Heuer breaks down the purpose of Social Media Club and how you can get involved.

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Rick Corteville of Organic on Rich Media Branding

While much of the advertising attention at SES is focused on pay-per-click programs in the search engines, there’s still room for more traditional approaches to marketing and advertising using rich media to provide a solution. At SES San Jose, Chris spoke with Rick Corteville of Organic, a company that specializes in finding the right advertising campaign for clients across a broad range of rich media opportunites. From advertising through video on the Web to more traditional video outlets, as Organic puts it, “We think about digital media in the broadest and most holistic sense — across multiple screens and platforms. We like addressing complex problems with thoughtful, simple solutions.”

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Larry O’Connor on Battery Recalls and Replacement

With the recent battery recall from both Dell and Apple a large percentage of laptop batteries may be at risk. While you certainly have the option of getting a replacement battery from the original manufacturer, it might also be worthwhile to consider some alternatives. One useful option is to find a compatible battery with a longer life than the original battery. Here Chris talks with battery expert Larry O’Connor of Newer Technology about the Apple recall, how to pick a battery and a number of tips for getting more life out of your battery while you travel.

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Domain Buying Tips from Monte Cahn of Moniker

Moniker is one of the leading companies in the space of buying and selling domain names. They offer services well beyond the basic domain registration. If you have a domain name you want to sell, Moniker can help in apprasing the value and assist in brokering a deal. If you’re actively seeking the perfect URL, chances are Moniker or one of their competitors is handling the transaction. In this conversation with Chris from SES San Jose, Monte Cahn of Moniker offers some helpful tips on making sure you get the most from your domain purchases and sales no matter which company you use for the transaction.

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Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide on Search Optimization for Small Businesses

Small Businesses need search engine optimization too. Unlike Fortune 500 companies with massive marketing budgets, small businesses don’t have unlimited resources to “own” their category in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. That’s where Search Engine Guide comes in, providing smart advice for small businesses who need a leg up on the competitive rankings in search engines. As editor of Search Engine Guide, Jennifer Laycock is on the front lines in assisting small businesses to understand the complexities of the search engine universe. Here Chris talks with Jennifer about what small businesses need to know to be found when customers are looking for informatoin.

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Tom Huntington on DivX Stage6

It seems like there are dozens of places to post video these days. Few of the services are optimized for high quality video, which is where the new DivX Stage6DivX is already known as one of the most popular formats for downloading video. Not too long ago they started offering a way to embed DivX in your own Web pages. Stage6 is a natural step into the realm of offering a place for video publishers to easily share content online. With stunning widescreen formatting and an option to charge for downloads, Stage6 seems ready for prime time even though it’s still in beta at the moment. Here Chris talks with Tom Huntington of DivX about the Stage6 service, who the target audience is, and how it fits into the DivX plan for entertainment domination.

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Heather Lloyd Martin on Search Engine Writing

All the efforts by marketers aiming to game the search engines for top positioning could easily be put to rest by providing good old fashioned useful content. Instead of focusing on keyword density and crafty tricks to get to the top of the search engines, provide something people want to read and use common sense. That’s the message from Heather Lloyd Martin, CEO of Success Works and author of Successful Search Engine Copywriting. In this conversation from SES in San Jose, Heather talks with Chris about the fundamentals of writing for your Web site in a way that is both useful to customers and effective at getting good placement in the search engines.

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The Original Gnomedexer, Portland Techies, John Anthony Hartman and Doug Kaye at Gnomedex 6

Alex Williams talks with the original Gnomedexer. Josh Bancroft and Greg Hughes talk with Alex Williams about Portland and technology. John Anthony Hartman talks about Gnomedex day 1 and his connectivity issues. Doug Kaye talks about Gigavox Media and building a new media empire.

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Steve Gillmor and Marc Canter at Gnomedex 6

Steve Gillmor, Dave Winer and Marc Canter have been affectionately referred to as the Crazy Uncles of the Blogosphere. Here we get two-thirds of the uncle triad, first with Steve Gillmor talking to Alex Williams at Gnomedex about the label. Next Marc Canter talks about being communist and how software is the tool for his revolution. We also learn the meaning of the term “red diaper baby”, a label Canter gave himself during the John Edwards presentation at Gnomedex. Alex Williams handles the investigative reporting.

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Ryan Wood on UFO Crashes and The Majestic Documents

Ryan Wood got interested in UFOs growing up with a father who worked for Lockheed. As an adult, he’s compiled many hours of research, digging into leaked government documents and presumed leaked documents to verify or invalidate their authenticity. Along the way, he’s researched data on dozens of UFO crashes through some 3500 pages of documentation. Much of that information is compiled into Majic Eyes Only, a book chronicaling Earth’s encounters with alien technology. Many of the documents and supporting research are available through UFO Crash Retrieval Conference.

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