Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing

Front cover of Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing

Published by Apress. 

ISBN 159059326X. $17.99 

250 pages


Always Use Protection: The Website

Welcome to our new website, dedicated to helping teens (and anyone else for that matter) to secure their system, protect their privacy, and find again enjoyment in using their computers without having to battle endless popups, mysterious crashes, and spontaneous combustion.


Here you'll find book updates, news, advice, and whatever else we feel like posting. Computer security is a serious issue, but that doesn't mean you can't joke about it, so if you don't have a good sense of humor, please go away.


Special message for those of  you who already know how to protect your computer.

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Hot News!

Dan Appleman's new blog is launched at Check out his item containing advice for college bound students considering careers in computer science. broadcasts a series of interviews with Dan Appleman.


XP Service pack 2 released.


New article: Learn how SB-1822, the "anti-GMail" bill, has evolved into a rather nice piece of privacy legislation, and the surprising details of who still opposes it and why.


New articles: "So what is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) anyway?" and "What's a HOSTS file, and how is it used for identity theft"


New - Free eBook "Safe Computing for the College Bound". Learn to choose a computer, secure it, and prepare it for use on a college network.


W32/Sasser. An almost harmless virus that only the most negligent computer owners can get. Read details here.








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