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December 18, 2005

jkOnTheRun exclusive- details emerge about the DualCor cPC

The DualCor cPC has captured the imagination of technophiles and geeks since word of this unusual device was given by CNET this past week. The idea of having a handheld that can run Windows XP for normal computing tasks yet switch to Windows Mobile 5.0 when the user needs more PDA type functions is very novel and I think it will be a very useful device for mobile professionals. I have an exclusive source of information about the cPC from "Deep Throat", someone very close to the cPC and I want to share some of that information with my readers. I've also been in touch with the CEO of DualCor who has shared some basic information about the cPC. Here's all the information I've gathered about the cPC from both sources so far that can be disclosed at this time.

The cPC sports a dual processor design, a Via 1.5 GHz processor running Windows for standard computing functions and an Intel chipset running Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition for handling PDA and phone tasks. The cPC doesn't just rely on the dual processor/ OS design to innovate, it also has a passive digitizer (touch screen) running Windows XP 2005 Tablet Edition! This will provide a rich stylus-enabled experience for those times when end users are mobile and not docked. A tiny Tablet PC makes perfect sense for a device this size and will no doubt increase the benefit to the user who needs to manipulate the interface and work with ink on the go. The screen resolution is 800x480 which should provide a good viewing experience without making everything on the screen too small. This resolution is the same as that found on the OQO. The cPC sports 3 USB 2.0 ports (2 Type A, 1 Type B), a mini-VGA port, stereo headset port, telephone headset port, and a CF Type II slot.

DualCor made the dual OS design choice for the mobile professional who needs a PDA and phone when they are running around so they get the benefits of instant on, quick checking of PIM data, and extended battery life. Here's a quote from DualCor CEO Steve Hanley detailing his envisioned work scenario:

This really is a "10X factor" - as you note, it is the ultimate "dual mode" device - plug it in at the office and have full access to any peripherals (large screen monitors, keyboards, web cams, etc.) and the network - easily powered by a 1.5 GHz processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a 40GB hard drive. As soon as the end user "leaves the office", they can "click on an icon" and immediately (as fast as electricity moves!!) avail themselves of Windows Mobile 5.0! Instant-on, always-on, always-connected - and while the "current generation" of WM5.0 devices "max out" at 128MB (other than SD cards and the like), the DualCor device has over 40GB available!

The DualCor cPC is becoming even more intriguing as details leak out about the little Tablet PC and I can't wait to see one at CES in a few weeks. DualCor has put some fantastic technology in a small package and not least on that list is how the cPC uses "shared controllers" for display, input, hard drive, etc. for a total Microsoft solution. In fact, both the XP Outlook and the Wm5.0 Outlook share the same repository which means always synced and no duplication of data. This is a great technical achievement and will be nice to see in practice.

I will share additional information about the cPC as I find it so as they say, stay tuned.


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When I lay my head down to sleep, I dream about just this device! WOW!

James, thanks for getting so much info on this device.

Frequency? Must be GSM, but tri- or quad-band? EDGE, UTMS? Screenshots show it as having bluetooth, what about wi-fi? Keep those details coming...

I have the same quesiton on bands and technologies for the phone. This looks really cool.

I can see my savings account getting worried.

Just saw this item, but am leaving my desktop for the day. Will have to read about it from my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Sorta recursive that, isn't it? Heh.

I so need, no want, one of these

Ooooo, that looks very cool. Sadly, nothing mentioned so far (as far as I can see) about the device containing a mobile phone style camera or bluetooth. Still, looks very promising!!!

prayers are answered

Oh man... the HOLY GRAIL has been CREATED...

Actually if this is meant for work and enterprise, i hope it does not have a camera phone, one less thing to worry about.

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