Audible RSS Feeds - Religion & Spirituality_7 Religion & Spirituality Audio Programs This is an XML content feed. It is intended to be viewed in a newsreader or syndicated to another site. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Unabridged) This lyrical, evocative, thought-provoking journal of a man's quest for truth - and for himself - has touched and changed... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000023 The Power of Now (Unabridged) To make the journey into The Power of Now you need to leave your analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. Access to the Now is everywhere... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_NEWL_000030 How to Practice (Unabridged) As human beings, we possess one common desire: the need for happiness and a meaningful life. According to His Holiness the Dalai Lama... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000352 The Purpose-Driven Life (Unabridged) Rick Warren will guide you through a personal 40-day spiritual journey that will transform your answer to life's most important question: What on earth am I here for?... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_ZOND_000110 NIV Audio Bible (Dramatized) The NIV Audio Bible is more than a Bible you listen to.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_ZOND_000122 The Listener's Bible NIV (Unabridged) You've never experienced the Bible like this.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_FELL_000004 The Late Roman Empire (Unabridged) Beginning with the reign of Diocletian in A.D. 284 and ending at the death of Justinian in 565, the Roman Empire completes a transition from paganism to Christianity.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_ACON_000053 Getting Unstuck With Getting Unstuck, she offers us a first look at "both the itch and the scratch": what Tibetan Buddhists call shenpa.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~SP_TRUE_000187 The Language of God (Unabridged) Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, is one of the world's leading scientists, yet he is also a man of unshakable faith in God and scripture.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000715 True Happiness Happiness is your birthright and it is readily available at any given moment, teaches Pema Chodron.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~SP_TRUE_000232 The Jewel Tree of Tibet Tibetans call their cherished tradition of Buddhism a "wish-fulfilling jewel tree" for its power to generate bliss and enlightenment within all who absorb its teachings.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~SP_TRUE_000231 The Great Controversy (Unabridged) Few people today realize that this earth is the primary battle zone of a cosmic war that erupted years ago.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_REMN_000003 The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (Unabridged) You think you know about Islam.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_BLAK_001762 Buddhist Meditation for Beginners Jack Kornfield now offers a collection of his most popular teachings with Buddhist Mediation for Beginners.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~SP_TRUE_000235 Inside My Heart (Unabridged) In the Inside My Heart audiobook, Robin McGraw speaks directly to the heart of every woman and challenges her to recognize and develop her unique role.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_TNWD_000084 The Confident Woman The Confident Woman is the culmination of a three-part message Joyce has constructed, drawing from her decades of experience interacting with and ministering to women.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000485 God's Power to Change Your Life (Unabridged) Drawing simple but powerful truths from the Bible, this book gives you practical guidance for specific types of change.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_ZOND_000190 God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions (Unabridged) Rick Warren takes you inside the Scriptures to see what they reveal about 12 of the most pressing questions people ask.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~BK_ZOND_000189 Wild at Heart (Unabridged) Is an intimate experience of the Divine meant only for saints and mystics? Ask Tessa Bielecki, and the answer is an emphatic no.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~SP_TRUE_000236 The Law of Attraction This abridged audiobook presents the powerful basics of the original Teachings of Abraham.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:09:52 EST^productID~SP_HAYH_000194