Audible RSS Feeds - Science Fiction and Fantasy Science Fiction and Fantasy Audio Programs This is an XML content feed. It is intended to be viewed in a newsreader or syndicated to another site. Stranger in a Strange Land (Unabridged) Valentine Michael Smith, an earthling born and educated on Mars, arrives on Earth with superhuman... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_HEIN_000003 Ender's Game: 20th Anniversary Edition (Unabridged) Andrew "Ender" Wiggin thinks he is playing computer-simulated war games at the Battle School; he is, in fact, engaged in something far more desperate... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_ALIT_000164 Speaker for the Dead (Unabridged) In the aftermath of his terrible war, Ender Wiggin disappeared... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_ALIT_000167 Eragon (Unabridged) One boy. One dragon. A world of adventure... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_LILI_000019 American Gods (Unabridged) For the three years Shadow spent in prison, all he wanted was to get back to the loving arms of his wife and stay out of trouble for the rest of his life... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_HARP_000720 The Eye of the World (Unabridged) When their village is attacked by trollocs three young men, Rand, Matt, and Perrin, flee in the company of the Lady Moiraine.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000370 Xenocide (Unabridged) Xenocide is the third installment of the Ender series.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000381 Children of the Mind (Unabridged) Children of the Mind is the fourth and final volume in the original Ender Saga by Orson Scott Card, winner of the Hugo and Nebula award.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000395 Ender's Shadow (Unabridged) The human race is at war with the "Buggers", an insect-like alien race.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000444 Eldest (Unabridged) Darkness falls...despair abounds...evil reigns.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~AP_LILI_000250 Wicked (Unabridged) A wonderfully imaginative retelling of The Wizard of Oz told from the Wicked Witch's point of view.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_RECO_000718 Something Wicked This Way Comes & A Sound of Thunder (Unabridged) In Bradbury's unforgettable modern Gothic masterpiece, Something Wicked This Way Comes, something evil arrives in a small Midwestern town on the crest of the wind one autumn night.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_BLAK_001761 The Prestige (Unabridged) In 1878, two young stage magicians clash in the dark during the course of a fraudulent s?ance. From this moment on, their lives become webs of deceit.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_BLAK_001773 Harsh Cry of the Heron (Unabridged) 16 years of peace and prosperity have passed since Lord Otori Takeo united the Three Countries.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_HIGH_000270 Citizen of the Galaxy (Unabridged) Citizen of the Galaxy takes place far in the future, when the human race has spread out to colonize other planets.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_BLAK_001817 The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Unabridged) In what is considered one of Heinlein's most hair-raising, thought-provoking, and outrageous adventures, the master of modern science fiction tells the strange story of an even stranger world.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_BLAK_001819 A Crown of Swords (Unabridged) In this volume, Elayne, Aviendha, and Mat come ever closer to the bowl ter'angreal that may reverse the world's endless heat wave and restore natural weather.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000578 Fragile Things (Unabridged) This extraordinary collection showcases Gaiman's storytelling brilliance, as well as his entertaining (and dark) sense of humor.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_HARP_001345 Pre-Order Empire (Unabridged) With this exciting pre-order, you get to hear the first chapter of Orson Scott Card's Empire before anyone else.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~OD_AREN_000582 March to the Stars (Unabridged) This third edition takes the Bronze Barbarians across the Eastern Ocean of Marduk, facing giant sea monsters, pirates, and the barbarian nations that dwell on the other side.... SAT, 18 NOV 2006 03:02:33 EST^productID~BK_BLAK_001886