Audible RSS Feeds - New York Times Best Sellers New York Times Best Sellers This is an XML content feed. It is intended to be viewed in a newsreader or syndicated to another site. America (The Audiobook) Jon Stewart, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show, and his coterie of patriots deliver a hilarious look at American government.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000350 Mary, Mary (Unabridged) FBI agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family at Disneyland when he gets a call from the Director.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000416 The Camel Club (Unabridged) It exists at the fringes of Washington, D.C., has no power, and consists solely of four eccentric and downtrodden members whom society has forgotten.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000411 The Tipping Point In this brilliant and groundbreaking book, New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell looks at why major changes in our society so often happen suddenly and unexpectedly.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000383 Judge & Jury (Unabridged) Senior FBI agent Nick Pellisante is closing in on the notorious mob boss "The Electrician", when the scheduled sting goes spectacularly awry.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000467 Team of Rivals This brilliant multiple biography is centered on Lincoln's mastery of men and how it shaped the most significant presidency in the nation's history.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000623 Predator (Unabridged) Dr. Kay Scarpetta takes charge of a case that stretches from steamy Florida to snowbound Boston, one as unnerving as any she has ever faced.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000444 Hegemony or Survival (Unabridged) For more than half a century, the United States has been pursuing a grand imperial strategy with the aim of staking out the globe... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000336 Ordinary Heroes (Unabridged) Stewart gains a closer understanding of his past, of his father's character, and of the brutal nature of war itself.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000717 The Book of Fate (Unabridged) In six minutes, one of us would be dead. None of us knew it was coming.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000483 Ricochet (Unabridged) When Detective Sergeant Duncan Hatcher is summoned to the home of Judge Laird in the middle of the night to investigate a fatal shooting, he knows that discretion and kid-glove treatment are key.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000719 Marley and Me They were young and in love, with a perfect little house and not a care in the world. Then they brought home Marley, a wriggly yellow furball of a puppy.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_HARP_001166 State of Denial Bob Woodward examines how the Bush administration avoided telling the truth about Iraq to the public, to the Congress, and often to themselves.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000776 Teacher Man (Unabridged) Now here at last, is McCourt's long-awaited audiobook about how his thirty-year teaching career shaped his second act as a writer.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000628 Night (Unabridged) Night is an unmistakably autobiographical account of the author's own gruesome experiences in Nazi Germany's death camps.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RECO_000724 Running with Scissors (Unabridged) Running with Scissors is the true story of a boy whose mother (a poet with delusions of being Anne Sexton) gave him away... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000280 Fiasco Fiasco is a masterful and explosive reckoning with the planning and execution of the American military invasion and occupation of Iraq, based on the unprecedented candor of key participants.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000496 Echo Park (Unabridged) In 1993, Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a supermarket.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000488 Dark Harbor (Unabridged) Scott Finn survived a childhood running errands for crime kingpins to become a six-figure lawyer at a prestigious Boston firm.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RECO_000575 The Black Dahlia (Unabridged) On January 15, 1947, the tortured body of a beautiful young woman was found in a vacant lot in Hollywood.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000895 Tuesdays with Morrie (Unabridged) Maybe it was a grandparent, or a teacher, or a colleague. Someone older, patient and wise, who understood you when you were young and searching.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000431 At First Sight (Unabridged) Nicholas Sparks brings back two characters from his beloved best seller, True Believer, in this continuing saga of extraordinary love.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000413 The City of Falling Angels (Unabridged) It is Berendt and only Berendt who can capture Venice, a city of masks, a city of riddles.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000680 The Thirteenth Tale (Unabridged) All children mythologize their birth... So begins the prologue of reclusive author Vida Winter's beloved collection of stories, long famous for the mystery of the missing thirteenth tale.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000748 Rise and Shine (Unabridged) It's Monday morning when Meghan Fitzmaurice blows her perfect life to bits.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RECO_000898 The Innocent Man (Unabridged) John Grisham's first work of nonfiction, an exploration of small town justice gone terribly awry, is his most extraordinary legal thriller yet.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000921 The Memory Keeper's Daughter A brilliantly crafted, stunning debut, The Memory Keeper's Daughter explores the way life takes unexpected turns, and how the mysterious ties that hold a family together help us survive.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_HARP_001205 Never Have Your Dog Stuffed (Unabridged) Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, filled with curiosity about nature, good humor, and honesty, is the crowning achievement of an actor, author, and director.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_BKOT_000543 The Glass Castle (Unabridged) This extraordinary memoir from Jeannette Walls is a stirring and distinctive story that has won tremendous critical acclaim.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RECO_000561 Thirteen Moons (Unabridged) This magnificent novel by one of America's finest writers is the epic of one man's remarkable journey, set in 19th-century America against the background of a vanishing people.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000926 Act of Treason (Unabridged) When presidential candidate Josh Alexander's motorcade is ambushed by a group of terrorists, the nation is thrown into turmoil.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000773 The Greatest Story Ever Sold (Unabridged) New York Times correspondent Frank Rich examines the trail of fictions manufactured by the Bush administration from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000515 Culture Warrior (Unabridged) Bill O'Reilly is the very embodiment of the idea of a Culture Warrior, and in this book he lives up to the title brilliantly, with all the brashness and forthrightness at his command.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000920 Toxic Bachelors (Unabridged) For as the once-carefree trio is about to discover, love is the most unpredictable adventure of all.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000699 Motor Mouth (Unabridged) It's the last race of the season, the wheels are smoking, and the temperature is rising at Homestead-Miami Speedway.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_HARP_001324 The Tender Bar J.R. Moehringer grew up captivated by a voice. It was the voice of his father, a New York City disc jockey who vanished before J.R. spoke his first word.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_HYPE_000033 I Feel Bad About My Neck (Unabridged) With her disarming, intimate, completely accessible voice, and dry sense of humor, Nora Ephron shares with us her ups and downs in I Feel Bad About My Neck.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_BKOT_000779 Every Breath You Take Kate Donovan never dreamed that a chance romantic encounter on a tropical island paradise would tag her as a suspect in a high-society murder case.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000768 The Emperor's Children (Unabridged) Friends at Brown University, Marina, Danielle, and Julius are still looking to make their marks as they approach their 30s.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RECO_000899 Flags of Our Fathers (Unabridged) In this unforgettable chronicle, James Bradley has captured the glory, the triumph, the heartbreak, and the legacy of the six men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_BKOT_000753 Who Moved My Cheese? (Unabridged) Who Moved My Cheese? is a simple parable that reveals profound truths about change.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000201 The Guy Not Taken (Unabridged) We meet Marlie Davidow, home alone with her new baby late one Friday night, when she wanders onto her ex's online wedding registry and wonders what if she had wound up with the guy not taken.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000730 Why We Want You to Be Rich Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are both concerned. Their concern is that the rich are getting richer, but America is getting poorer.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000770 Under Orders (Unabridged) Sadly, death at the races is not uncommon. However, three in a single afternoon was sufficiently unusual to raise more than one eyebrow.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000514 Short Straw (Unabridged) Ed Eagle fell in love with the seductive Barbara Kennerly, and married her, against his better judgment. He should have listened to his intuition.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000521 The Blind Side (Unabridged) When we first meet the young man at the center of this extraordinary and moving story, he is one of 13 children by a mother addicted to crack.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_BKOT_000794 Tough Choices By accepting the CEO job at Hewlett-Packard, an iconic company that had lost its way, Carly Fiorina confirmed her status as the most powerful businesswoman in America.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000522 Blood and Thunder (Unabridged) In the fall of 1846, the venerable Navajo warrior Narbona, greatest of his people's chieftains, looked down upon the small town of Santa Fe.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_BKOT_000796 War on the Middle Class With War on the Middle Class, Lou Dobbs takes an impassioned and rousing stance on the all-out class war that is turning the American dream into a nightmare.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000520 Saving Graces She charmed America with her smart, likable, down-to-earth personality as she campaigned for her husband, then vice-presidential candidate John Edwards.... FRI, 27 OCT 2006 03:10:11 EST^productID~BK_RAND_000924