Audible RSS Feeds - Comedy Comedy Audio Programs This is an XML content feed. It is intended to be viewed in a newsreader or syndicated to another site. The News from Lake Wobegon: 1-Month Subscription "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my hometown...." Garrison Keillor first did his monologue in 1974 to an audience of 20 in a St. Paul theater.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~RT_KEIL_999991 Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris' new collection of essays - including live recordings! - tells a most unconventional life story. It begins with a North Carolina childhood filled with speech-therapy classes... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000195 Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Unabridged) In his newest collection of essays, David Sedaris lifts the corner of ordinary life, revealing the absurdity teeming below its surface.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000342 America (The Audiobook) Jon Stewart, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show, and his coterie of patriots deliver a hilarious look at American government.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000350 When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? (Unabridged) Following his two New York Times best sellers, Brain Droppings and Napalm & Silly Putty, comes George Carlin's third audiobook.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_HYPE_000021 George Carlin Reads to You If one George Carlin audio is funny, then two are funnier, and three must be funniest, right.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_HIGH_000178 Nothing's Sacred (Unabridged) You've seen him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart offering up his trademark angry observational humor on everything from politics to pop culture.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_SANS_000575 Opie & Anthony, 1-Month Subscription Legions of fans know Opie & Anthony as the kings of "cringe radio," who dominate an expanding media empire.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~RT_OPIE_999991 Denis Leary, Susie Essman, and Mike Little at Rascals Comedy Club Rascals gives you the past, present, and future of standup comedy.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~PF_RASC_000048 Ricky Gervais Show: The Complete First Season Were you one of the several people on Earth who didn't catch every historic episode of the most-downloaded podcast ever?.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~PF_GERV_000200 Ricky Gervais Show: The Complete Second Season It's the complete second season of The Ricky Gervais Show - six episodes in one tidy package. It's packed full of all-new drivel, as Ricky and Steve Merchant forage through the long grass.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~PF_GERV_000201 Possible Side Effects (Unabridged) From the million-copy best-selling author of Running with Scissors comes Augusten Burrough's most provocative collection yet.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_AREN_000532 Un-Cabaret Stories: 1-Month Subscription Each week, Un-Cabaret Stories brings you an unusually honest story by a very funny comedy writer recorded live at "Say the Word".... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~PF_CABC_999991 Opie & Anthony, September 21, 2006 Opie is having more trouble finding a place to live, we talk about our new Fatty Pig Fatty contest and find out if our first contestant is coming down today, we talk to a few more fatties, look at the masks we have for the contest, and Blowfly has a problem.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~RT_OPIE_060921 The Areas of My Expertise In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of My Expertise is a brilliant and hilarious compendium on all topics large and small.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_PENG_000511 I Feel Bad About My Neck (Unabridged) With her disarming, intimate, completely accessible voice, and dry sense of humor, Nora Ephron shares with us her ups and downs in I Feel Bad About My Neck.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_BKOT_000779 I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This! That stammer. Those basset-hound eyes. That bone-dry wit. There has never been another comedian like Bob Newhart.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_HYPE_000044 Opie & Anthony, September 20, 2006 Gary Hoey sits in studio all day to play songs for us in and out of breaks.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~RT_OPIE_060920 The Serial Killers Club (Unabridged) When an unlikely (and nameless) hero stumbles into the path of a serial killer, he has no choice but to defend himself, and ends up killing the killer.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~BK_TIME_000493 Opie & Anthony, September 22, 2006 Today, the boys are live from Cleveland.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~RT_OPIE_060922 Ricky Gervais Show: Season 3, Episode 6 Episode 6, the last in the third series of The Ricky Gervais Show, in which Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant, and Karl Pilkington finish off with some philosophical posers.... TUE, 31 OCT 2006 03:08:23 EST^productID~PF_RGER_060925