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The World's First Artificial Disc

The CHARITÉ® Artificial Disc was originally developed at the CHARITÉ University Hospital in Berlin, Germany in the mid-1980's by Prof. Karin Büttner-Janz, Prof. Kurt Schellnack, leading spine specialists. Further refinements to the design were incorporated with the cooperation of the staff at Waldemar Link GmbH, a leading European based medical device manufacturer.

In 2003 DePuy Spine acquired the Link Spine Group, Inc., and gained exclusive worldwide rights to its principal product, the SB CHARITÉ® Artificial Disc. The FDA approved the CHARITÉ® Artificial Disc in October of 2004 after extensive review of the two year U.S. clinical trial results. In addition to these studies, total disc replacement with the CHARITÉ® Artificial Disc has been performed in Europe for over 17 years and has been used in treating thousands of patients worldwide with successful results.

This makes the CHARITÉ® Artificial Disc the first and most clinically tested total disc replacement in the world. A breakthrough in non-fusion technology, it offers an innovative surgical option to physicians for treating some patients with degenerative disc disease and related conditions.

Keep in mind that replacement of painful joints is already extremely common. For example, artificial hip and knee replacements are among the most successful and reliable operations performed today. The significance of bringing motion to spinal surgery may have the same dramatic impact, as did the above introductions.

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