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November 16, 2005

Is Microsoft's Sparkle the new Flash?

A little insight for those that have been wondering about Microsofts "Sparkle/Accrylic" initiative:

Microsoft recently announced a new product called Expression Sparkle Interactive Designer, which is one of three products in the upcoming Expression family. The other two are Expression Acrylic Graphics Designer (an illustration and graphics design tool) and Expression Quartz Web Designer (a tool for designing Web sites).

Acrylic Product Manager Forest Kay describes Sparkle this way: "Sparkle Interactive Designer is a bridge product between the graphics illustrator, creating drawings with Expression Graphics Designer, and the application developer using Visual Studio 2005." Through Sparkle, designers can create graphically pleasing interactive experiences in a common format shared with the programmers.

At a recent conference, Microsoft Senior Vice President Jim Allchin delivered something unexpected and exciting—a version of Microsoft's new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) running in Apple's Safari on a Mac. Next, he took the presentation and ran it in Internet Explorer 7, and then he wrapped up the presentation running WPF on a mobile phone.

Microsoft's Sparkle takes the designer to a new level of creativity. Many of the tools built into Sparkle will be recognizable to Flash designers from Macromedia's Flash 8: animation timelines, vector and bitmap image support, drawing tools, event-driven interactivity, support for video and audio, and so on. What separates Sparkle from Flash is real support for 3D. Flash has loosely supported 3D through complex and program-bogging scripts, or sequences of animation tools created with products such as eRain's Swift 3D, but it doesn't have the capability to directly support 3D models. Sparkle provides this ability.

Flash has become well known for the cool effects written in Macromedia's programming language, ActionScript. Sparkle gives developers the full breadth of programming languages, such as C#, to add interactivity to their tools. In addition, Sparkle provides strong support for development tools such as IntelliSense and debugging.

Finally, Sparkle finally delivers a tool to the interactive design community that adequately links the designer and the software engineer. Through a common language, XAML, software will have the ability to look and feel significantly more engaging than it does today.

Read the entire Sparkle article here

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