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Google Local Now Available for the Blackberry

We all felt left out last month when Google offered it’s Google Local Mobile for various mobile devices but left out the Blackberry. Not to worry, some guys have taken upon themselves to release a Blackberry version and they called it bbLocal. The best part is that they are offering it for completely free! Typical Google Local features are included like business search, street lookup, various map zoom levels, and a satellite view. However, bbLocal tries to top that by adding their own Business Directory where they list things like Airports, Tourists Spots, ATMs, and other items. Right now they only list tourists spots but we’re guessing they’ll start filling in their business directory soon enough.

You can learn more about bbLocal by visiting their website:

Click for more screenshots …


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One Response to “Google Local Now Available for the Blackberry”

  1. squished18
    December 7th, 2005 23:14

    Rather disappointing, as there are only maps of selected cities. J2MEMaps still a better option.

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