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Blackberry 8700 Examined: Themes

Dimension Icon Theme
We at BBCool have decided to examined indepth the Blackberry 8700 and its new features. One of the reason is that many people still don’t have access to a working Blackberry 8700 because of the distribution issues. Others may have access to the new handheld but the employees at the store are unable to let you play around with one. So with our first installement we will be looking at the various themes for the new 8700.

Dimension Icon Theme
Blackberry Dimension Icon Theme

Dimension List Theme
Blackberry Dimension List Theme

Insight Icon Theme
Blackberry Insight Icon Theme

Insight List Theme
Blackberry Insight List Theme

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4 Responses to “Blackberry 8700 Examined: Themes”

  1. R XAV
    December 1st, 2005 17:31

    Whats that first blue and white round icon with the arrow going all around it in the theme ?

  2. Tom
    January 15th, 2006 23:30

    Looks Great!!!

  3. Dan
    January 21st, 2006 13:53

    The Cingular theme may be dull but at least the the Cingular theme uses layering an none of the other do. They just add more crap to the main screen of the BB. I get thumb carpal tunnel looking for all my apps.

  4. luki
    August 26th, 2006 19:47

    Is that what you call “in-depth examination”??
    congrats, you have just made my day.


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