Sunday, 20 February 2005

You ever have one of those moments, probably on a weekend, where you wake up and realize that there are like a million things left undone and waiting for you to tackle them? I don't mean that panicky feeling you get when you suddenly realize you're in way over your head... I've experienced that, too, and this is something very different.

I'm talking about the moment where you suddenly realize you can't possibly end up bored, because there are so many thing to do and look forward to.

I just had one of those moments. Wild.

Many of the things on my "clarity list" are related to home - things like finishing the bonus room completely (I am 90% done, and have been at that stage for several months). Stuff like finishing my Media Center setup, instead of running it in parts with wires everywhere. Building a shed. Fencing a yard. Adding a deck.

And other bigger things, too - things having to do with life, work and relationships. Possibilities.

It's funny, I guess, that my favorite room in the house has all but the last row of floating laminate wood floor laid down, has untrimmed windows and baseboards, and needs to have the last third of the lighting installed. Not to mention that the "furnishings" consist of my dining room table (which really should be in the dining room instead), a 15-year-old recliner and three bean-bag chairs. Plus my guitar - the acoustics in this room are awesome, but 14-foot vaults will do that for you.

I really need to learn to understand paint colors and how to do something other than one plain-old color in a house. Phil Weber's Flickr pics of his living room and media center show that someone somewhere knows what they are doing and have a better eye for that kind of stuff than I have. I don't want purple, especially, but that's not the point... I'm more of an "off-white-everywhere" style painter. I either need professional help (yeah, yeah - don't get started...) or else I need to marry someone with a knack for this. Hey Phil - who picked your colors? 

Anyhow, days like this are nice to have. It's so much better to be able to look at things as possibilities than as difficulties or problems.

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Sunday, 20 February 2005 11:38:29 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Saturday, 26 February 2005 21:37:39 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Moment of clarity? What is that? hahaha.. I guess everyone has their own internal way of remembering things that they want to accomplish all in a week, or month, or with the next season or year. I have a habit of writing lists, I feel it helps me keep a little bit of my sanity left and helps me remember. Now where was that list? =) They way I look at things: Each day is another opportunity. Whether or not, it went the way my list had wanted it to go, it is another opportunity that may not come again. I sometimes feel things happen for a reason..

Ahh-- the joy of painting.. I think it's one's own way of expressing who they are. No one has to be a decorating guru.. but it is fun.. I myself, can be caught trying to mimic some of the huge designer/expensive ideas, with something from K-Mart by Martha Stewart or some of her ideas. What is also neat is to find something at the thrift store such as old neat furniture or an antique for a very small price.
Mary Beth
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