Monday, 06 December 2004

“Reality Podcasting”

Certainly more interesting than your average podcast (it seems in many podcasts the speaker talks about – get this – podcasting), Jared and Brandon stole Wi-Fi from the front seat of a car while making a half-hour recording of them talking about web sites they’re browsing (including mine, heheh), war driving, talking to computers, and generally spending an evening being – umm – productive.

Heh. These guys are smart (this I know), bore easily when their minds are not occupied, and apparently they need jobs, or something to do. Hire them. Please. I’ll gladly act as a reference, just email me.

I learned a lot. Apparently “WTF” is pronounced “double-you-tee-eff.” Hmmm…

  • Marginal material – Zero dollars.
  • The search for free Wi-Fi – Zero Dollars.
  • Sunday evening in the rain, in Georgia – Zero Dollars.
  • Getting real and taking the show on the road, geek style – Priceless.
Tuesday, 07 December 2004 02:16:14 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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