Thursday, 18 March 2004

Now I remember, pretty clearly, why I am not a cat person. Probably also why I (subconsciously) had not committed on my own to this animal.

No real sleep last night, claw marks in my hands (I was nice, they're just small and very sharp), cat pee in my carpet, meowing every five seconds since God knows when last night.


At least I have the Internet to figure out how to make this cat happy (if that can even be done - I'm probably naive here, which is just another sign that I am not a cat person).

And before anyone from the we-know-who's-really-in-control camp throws snide remarks, I realize that the problem may actually be that I am not a cat's person. I'm fine with that.

I dunno. Nice little cat, and a very nice gesture, but I just dunno ... We'll see.

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Friday, 19 March 2004 22:31:58 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Give the cat a week to get comfortable with the new surroundings (less if its a young cat). After that, if the cat is more than a year old, you properly introduced him to a clean litterbox, and he still wets on the carpet, I'm afraid there's little hope for improvement (in my experience). Unlike a dog, you're not going to teach or change a cat. Most cats are instinctively clean and house-friendly, but the rest basically need to be outdoor only. Not much you can do to change it (again, assuming it's not a kitten and you've given it time to get comfortable).

Good luck, Greg.
Saturday, 20 March 2004 08:42:52 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Thanks for the advice, Jeff. I think the cat is starting to get a llittle more comfortable (it's about 8-9 months old, so it's young). It's started purring and seems to be willing to be petted now. Unfortunately, I'm finding I have an alergy (not a terrible one, but bad enough to bother me, so we'll see how it goes).

And it's found the litter box, thank goodness. I put the cat in a room with a hard floor, its litter box, food and water, and it seems to using the box a just fine once I stuck it in there.

The cat was spayed the day before it came to me, and no doubt it's recovering from the surgery and not feeing all that hot, so we'll just see how it goes after some time goes by.

And if it needs to be an outdoor cat, I am fine with that (once the surgery cuts have time to completly heal).
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