Monday, 09 October 2006

Everyone and their brother's going nuts over the announcement this afternoon that Google is buying YouTube. I think we all knew it was coming, and yeah it's a big deal. What was really interesting to me was that I was about to do a between-flights phone interview (on an unrelated tech topic) with a national newspaper reporter (who shall remain nameless), when the interview was suddenly (and rightfully, heh) postponed due the the Google announcement (which had not been publicly made at that time, but I just happened to hear about it third-person before it was actually announced in public).

Anyhow, it's an interesting consolidation acquisition, especially since Google already has their Google Video (which I like), but adding YouTube (which is pretty awesome) does round things out very nicely, especially with the deals YouTube has recently made with some major media labels. How much did that jack up the value in the past couple days?

It's time for Microsoft to find a way to make some sort of serious, serious push on it's Soapbox offering. I have not uploaded any videos yet to my Soapbox profile, but I will soon in order to do some comparing. First thing for MS to do? Probably best to drop the blue color theme and get back to web UI basics. Also probably best to rethink the name. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Google Video makes it blatantly clear what you're using and it's easy to remember. YouTube is a household name and I know what I am doing based on the name, as well. And to be honest, each time I wanted to write something about Soapbox on MSN, I had to go back to my email and search to figure out what the service was called. That's not exactly memorable, or usable.

Actually, truth be told I'm on the fence on the color thing. But the standard, proven blue-text-on-white-background model is safe, expected and generally accepted - and that might just be a good thing right about now.

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Monday, 09 October 2006 18:31:32 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Tuesday, 10 October 2006 04:29:42 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
There has been some discussion recently around the fact that YouTube is set-up for legal disaster. The amount of copyright material on there is astounding and it's only a matter of time before someone with the financial muscle decides to fight.

This may very likely be a big reason Microsoft has not paid much attention to this. Even better - maybe Microsoft will be the person with the financial muscle to ream Google once they take it over.

That would be ironic :)
Tuesday, 10 October 2006 19:37:14 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Not so sure. Google has an awful lot of financial muscle, and they said the same thing about IBM back in the day. Google represents the new wave of tech business, and while I like Microsoft as a company, you have to admin Google has their appeal in a huge way. Given the choice between working at either one, it would be a tough choice to decide which to go with (each for it's own, different reasons). For long-term viability, it's a hard decision.
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