Tuesday, 04 July 2006

One again, I'm out setting up and preparing to fire off a fireworks show with a bunch of friends and helpers. I'll post a few updates here and hopefully be able to impart a little bit of what goes into setting up and executing a public display. EVDO rocks, by the way. A bit slow out in this neck of the woods, but still it's the only way to be able to write this from a field.

First of all, there's a significant amount of hurry-up-and-wait involved. I arrived early this morning (before 9am) to meet the truck that delivered the explosive shells. All 1.3G commercial fireworks have to be delivered by someone with a commercial driver's license and a HAZMAT endorsement, and I have been too lazy to get mine. I really need to do that. I've read the book and just need to get my butt in gear.

Dave showed up earlyAnyhow, so since I had to get the shells at the early drop off, that means a bunch of time before the crew shows up to help set up the show. Luckilly, Dave (at left) showed up early, too. He got here at the same time as the delivery truck. Talk about a glutton for punishment. Heh. Nice to have someone else around in the intervening hours.

And it suddenly got cold out. Turns out there's a 30% chace of rain mid-day, but by late afternoon it should warm up and the chance of rain drops off to pretty much zero. That's always nice when you have to shoot fireworks. Wet is bad, dry is good. And as I type this, it starts to rain. Go figure.

The picture set is at Flickr.com so look there for everything. Here's a few to start. I will add more later:

We start with an empty trench. Into this trench we will install about 400 mortars (you'll see those later).

An empty trench

Dave showed up really early. So he gets trench inspection duty.

Dave inspects the trench

A truck full of mortars and boxes of shells. Nothing exciting really, and it doesn't look like much until it's out of the truck. But we do that part a bit later, after the crew shows up. Right now they're all stuck on the other end of town calling me on my cell phone while the massive three hour parade goes on. For a realtively small town they sure have a huge parade! Heh.

Truck with equipment and shells

More later.

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Tuesday, 04 July 2006 11:35:32 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Tuesday, 04 July 2006 12:52:06 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Following the "works" from afar...have fun.....xoxo MOM
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