Sunday, 09 May 2004

UPDATED: Apparently, somone one mis-spoke, and Microsoft has corrected earlier reports - see eWeek's coverage of the change in the story.

Sorry guys, all you software thieves out there will not be able to install SP2 after all (unless this all changes again). From a business and antipiracy perspective, I agree with not allowing it to install. From a security perspective, I was looking forward to seeing what impact (if any) the loosening of the reins might have.

But I don't hink Microsoft has a responsibility to provide anything to people who steal software.

It's a change of direction for Microsoft, but apparently they will allow SP2 for Windows XP to be installed on pirated copies of the OS when the service pack is released later this year. This was not the case with SP1, which has protections in it that keep people with pirated copies of Windows XP from installing it successfully.

"It was a tough choice, but we finally decided that even if someone has pirated copy of Windows, it is more important to keep him safe than it is to be concerned about the revenue issue," he added. He admitted, however, that it is more than altruism that helped Microsoft come to this decision. "Having these unsecured users means bigger worm and virus outbreaks - which also impacts the Internet and consequently, our legitimate users as well."

 - Microsoft group product manager Barry Goffe

Considering the potential positive impact of SP2 on the computing world, this is probably a good idea. After all, keeping users from spreading viruses and becoming launching platforms for hackers is an important part of securing the Internet and - in a broad sense - the Windows OS.

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Sunday, 09 May 2004 21:20:10 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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