Sunday, 19 June 2005

My friend and coworker Scott Hanselman has updated his Ultimate Developer and Power User Tools List for 2005. All techies and geeks (especially developers) should check it out:

Scott's list is close to famous, and for good reason. He's quite the ultimate power user. I sometimes stand over his shoulder to watch him work (he tells me he's twice as productive when I watch, is that weird or what? Heh...), and so I get to see him use all these tools in terific ways now and then.

Head on over and see what I mean.

One of these days I am going to publish my list of IT and security tools. It is a completely different list, but still interesting and useful.

Hmmm... Anyone know of a good blog posting tool for the Blackberry that would interface MT/Blogger APIs using the GPRS connnection? That would definitely make my list. Emailing this entry from a 737 (on the ground, so don't start with me) is cool, but a richer interface would be nice.

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