Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Robert's playing mind games! He's right though - pretty amazing that such a large company can keep things secret:

Another quiet launch coming?

In the .NET show Jeff Sandquist says that the days of the quiet launch on the blogosphere are probably over. Oh yeah?

There's some really cool stuff coming next week that hasn't been leaked yet. It's really shocking that Microsoft can still keep a secret. But my fingers are itching. Twitching. Convulsing.

Damn, it's hard to keep a secret. Especially this one (I've been keeping it for a couple of months under threat of career ruin). No, it's not about blogging or RSS either. Well, see ya next week.

Quiet launch? Oh, sure, just between me and my closest friends. Get the Slashdot-compliant server ready. :-)

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