Tuesday, 22 March 2005

In a series of semi-serious articles called "Managing Programmers for CEOs," management types (like me) and executive types (not me) can learn such valuable things as how to decipher the secret code programmers use in day-to-day conversation. For example, here are a few phrases taken from the first part of the series, "Decompiling Programmer-Speak."

(The information contained in these articles is valuable, but the humor is there and you can't help but laugh at parts. By the way, I think developers and development managers are great - I only laugh because I find a lot of it humorous in a nice way.)

“It’ll be done ASAP.”
Translation: There is no schedule yet.

“That feature shouldn’t add any time to the schedule.”
Translation:  There is no schedule yet.

“It’s fifty percent done.”
Translation: It hasn’t been started yet.

Also included in the series are a couple of other good articles, each containing good information and ideas, with some humor thrown in here and there:

  • Part Two - The Meaning of Done, and How You'll Know When You Get There (Good info about schedules, missing them and what that means to everyone)
  • Part Three - Features Kill Projects (How can you be "done" if the meaning of "done" keeps changing?)

As is often the case, be sure to read the comments on each article page - in the case of these three articles, the comments are well worth the read, as well.

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