Friday, 04 March 2005

Many have linked to the videos, but I am going to link to Steve, who summarizes the goodness about what exciting and interesting things Microsoft is doing with IIS in v7.

Read Steve's comments and check out the two videos (nearly an hour of interviews with Scott Guthrie of Microsoft talking about the future - IIS7 and ASP.NET.

From Steve's comments:

  • The continued focus on making IIS a great platform upon which people can build additional infrastructure richness and of course great applications. This is achieved by modularising the platform and documenting the APIs of the standard modules and allowing new modules to be easily created.
  • The second is that with IIS a raft of the most common open source applications are going to be provided, and integrated,  from forums to blogs, another really great move.

Good stuff.

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Friday, 04 March 2005 06:45:13 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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