Saturday, 16 October 2004


Greg Hughes says :   22:18:30
i went to the apple store tonight

Eric Rice says :         22:18:34

Eric Rice says :         22:18:40
felt good, didnt it?

Greg Hughes says :   22:18:41
the prices are fixed?

Eric Rice says :         22:18:44

Greg Hughes says :   22:18:48
hahahha yeah they are nice machines

Eric Rice says :         22:18:56
you touched them too

Eric Rice says :         22:19:00
in a naughty way i bet

Greg Hughes says :   22:19:04
i thought i would not like the new imac g5 but really they are pretty nice

Eric Rice says :         22:19:06
'wow this is sleek'

Greg Hughes says :   22:19:10

Eric Rice says :         22:19:13

Eric Rice says :         22:19:14

It must be the Devil. It has to be. It's the only reasonable explanation I can think of.

I confess: I've been seriously considering buying an Apple computer for a few weeks now - Probably a PowerBook G4, if I ever actually get to the point where I break down and make the switch.

Why? Well, there are certain things the Mac does very well, and certain pieces of software that are available only on that platform. Software that I want and need. Well-made software that just works. Hardware that fits together well.

At GnomeDex there were a gazillion PowerBooks around. Eric Rice uses one and I got to see it in action. I got jealous quickly. It was really quite pathetic.

So - If someone can help me find a good Windows-based alternative, for example, to GarageBand on the Mac, I'm all ears. I mean, If I can keep from spending money on a whole new computer just to solve a few "problems," that's more than fine with me.

But dude, Apple has this way of making things that just work.

If I really need to, I know I could run Windows XP on the Mac inside of MS VirtualPC. Nothing is impossible. But hey - why can't I run Mac OS X on a PC in a virtual machine? Anyone? Seems kinda one-sided, or maybe it can be done I and I just don't know it... Time to look for PPC/Mac emulators that run on Windows?

But it's not just the software. Don't tell anyone, but I spent most of this evening at CompUSA in the Mac section, and then over at the Apple Store at the mall. Their hardware is very well done. I even like the new iMac G5, very cool.

I must be going insane. Apple??? Either that, or maybe I'm actually having a breakthrough and coming back to reality.

I wish I could tell which it is.

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Saturday, 16 October 2004 22:15:06 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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