Friday, 28 October 2005

Omar knows what it means to work really, really hard. He also knows when to laugh, and this video made me laugh, too. Heh. Funny stuff.

And as a result, I'm discovering the wonder that has become of Google Video. If you like the Backstreet Boys, you should watch these. If you don't like the Backstreet Boys (I'm with ya), you should watch these.


Update: And if you like that, there's more here. And here. And here and here(?) and here. You can find even more if you look, if you want.


Of course, don't forget this one... And this cult behavior video followup. Weird, weird, weird world this Internet thing has made of us all, eh? (Thanks, Tim for the reminder)

And hey, Omar - I'll be down there and hanging out around Mountain View, Los Altos, etc. for a couple days starting on November 4th. Anyone wanna meet up? Let me know. Comment here or email at right.