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In my line of work, we spend a lot of our time writing software that catches bad guys and keeps them out of systems that require protection. So, in the course of building good security and forensics software I often work closely with partner companies that bring something valuable to the table - technology that we might include or integrate with but would not build ourselves. One of the technology areas that adds value to what we do is the business of Internet Protocol (IP) address intelligence and geolocation. The ability to glean a variety of valuable information about any given IP address or block provides the opportunity for both intelligent and - if the partner does their job well - reliable decision making, in a manner not otherwise possible. Imagine your application being able to present information or make decisions based on the actual physical location of a user, or base don the type of connection they are making. In the case of the software I've been involved with creating, IP intelligence is a key capability that helps to enhance the products.

So, for last week's RunAs Radio interview, we sat down with an expert in the field, Bill Varga, who works for a company out of Mountain View, California called Quova - one of the partners I have worked with for a few years now. They do IP geolocation and IP intelligence - and that's their business. They're focused on that market and they're very good at it. IP intelligence is a world that is growing quickly and always generates ideas and thought when brought up for discussion. The applications of IP-related metadata are many, and Bill effectively describes them in our interview. He also discusses some of the new things Quova is doing in the field.

RunAs Radio Show #11 | 6/20/2007 (38 minutes)
Bill Varga Makes Us IP Intelligent

Richard and Greg talk to Bill Varga about what IP (that's Internet Protocol) Intelligence is all about. They also dig into how IP geolocation helps with regulatory compliance and fraud detection. Bill also talks about the new technology Quova (his employer) has developed that can deal with geolocation of satellite and megaproxy IP addresses.

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