Thursday, 05 June 2008
A reporter from Forbes Magazine, Brian Caulfield, has been sneaking around a bit, asking questions, and taking pictures from various public-domain locations where he thinks Apple's next-gen iPhone (or APple Tablet, or next-gen iMac, or all of the above) are being dispatched from.

Tons of boxes overflowing a large warehouse, courier service trucks in drives coming and going, no-label boxes and warehouse workers being cagey but saying basically nothing. But when you start to stack up so much circumstantial evidence it's pretty convincing. If nothing else, it generates great hype and gets people like me to pay attention and write about it. Marketing madness.

What I really want to know: Where and when to line up as an existing AT&T customer who wants to upgrade, and how much cash to bring with me. I'm guessing/surmising the answer is sometime in the next week and a half, and $200 (plus a pen to sign a contract extension).

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Thursday, 05 June 2008 13:35:30 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Friday, 11 July 2008 00:25:08 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Well in connection of the new iPhone, i found this video <a href=>How do you Compare?</a>? The issue regarding about Steve Jobs & Apple's iPhone 3G and Bill Gates at CES 2008 with Xbox360 & Slash...Hmmmm, OK, so this is geeking out but with Gates retiring and Jobs unveiling the new iPhone, someone had to do one last 'How do you Compare': Steve Jobs v. Bill Gates. So, with both of these guys who have dominated the technology world for the last 25 years, with their most recent big ticket tech toys. How do you compare?
Glenda Robinson
Thursday, 06 November 2008 17:24:26 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Just for the record, I wasn't "sneaking" around at all. I went out and knocked on doors, took pictures, and asked questions. I made it quite clear who I was, and what I was doing. Thanks for the link!
Brian Caulfield
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