Tuesday, 05 April 2005

Land Walker - click to enlarge

Why do I have these images from RoboCop movies going through my mind?

In case anyone's deciding what to get me for my mid-life crisis phase, one of these Land Walkers would do just fine.

This thing's cool. Who the heck has the time to sit around and think this stuff up??? Check out a demo video here.

Crazy, but pretty darn cool. Stick a super-soaker on that and it's party time.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2005 13:18:39 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Happy Birthday and Mid Life Crisis! Your "Land Walker" should arrive the 5th week of June (what year I am not sure) but the super-soaker addon was qutie pricey, your on your own there pal!
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