Saturday, 03 September 2005

BootsfilmsnipThere's really nothing quite like first-hand experience when it comes to seeing what's happening in distant places. Let's face it - the mainstream media cuts things into little chunks that remove the full context of the place and situation, trying (usually without much success) to replace it with an explanation, usually written by one or two people.

In your mind, choose one or two people you know at random. Now imagine sending those two random people into a war zone with a camera and a microphone and telling them to accurately and completely convey what's happening, without personal bias. Would you tend to trust what they have to say? Yeah, me either.

That's what interests me most about Boots In Baghdad Films, a vlog that contains video posts (using's videoblogging capabilities) shot by soldiers on the ground in Iraq. It's first-hand video of real situations. It's not that soldiers are without any bias - but the soldiers and their experiences are part of what's happening, which makes this video much more real than anything on TV, and the few videos posted on this site have an unedited honesty that I appreciate. Note that there's some colorful language in some of the video shots - that's to be expected, I think.

Hopefully the content will continue to grow, but of course not for one day longer than the people filming it need to be there.

(via Eric Rice)

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Saturday, 03 September 2005 13:50:27 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Sunday, 04 September 2005 21:46:05 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
With growing up in a military family, and currently having one brother a West Point Graduate, and another just entering his first year there. I have always been intrigued by and wanting to know the "real" news of what is going on in the world and not all the "fluff" on CNN. (so my Dad says).. Could you imagine what it would be like in our world if the media showed even half of what is really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? Something to think about.
Mary Beth
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