Monday, 10 January 2005

From MS MVP Jerry Bryant comes news about the new malicious software combat tools that will launch on Tuesday this week from Microsoft:

Announcement of Upcoming Release of Malicious Software Removal Tools

Starting from January 11th, 2005, Microsoft will provide Windows customers with Malicious Software Removal Tools. New versions of these tools will be available monthly (second Tuesday of every month on the same schedule that Microsoft already delivers other security updates) or more frequently if necessary…

…Microsoft will provide new versions of this tool updated to remove malicious software that is found to be prevalent for that month. The first version of the tool available in January will be able to remove Blaster, Sasser, MyDoom, DoomJuice, Zindos, Berweb (also known as Download.Ject), Gailbot and Nachi viruses / worms.

These removal tools will be made available to customers through the following delivery vehicles:

  • As a download through the Microsoft Download Center
  • As a critical update through Windows Update and through Auto Update for those customers who have Auto Update turned on
  • As an ActiveX control also available at

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