Tuesday, 04 May 2004

And the list of nifty OneNote SP1 Pre-Release information (and the coolness factor) just keeps on growing…

Andrew May, of the OneNote dev team, today posts a pre-release article that will be published in its final form whenever the final version of OneNote SP1 is released. I’ve started playing with some one the command line switches described in the article.

Whether or not OneNote is running at the time, you can use the command line switches to start up some type of OneNote functionality. Whether it’s starting or joining a shared, network-based note-taking session, opening a OneNote page and automatically starting to record video or audio (or passing a command to stop a recording in progress), importing content, or any one of several other functions, the new ability to script and remote start OneNote in a variety of ways is something that many will find useful and powerful.

Already a few ideas are running around in my little head – Shared note-taking sessions that are always available, programmatically starting new sessions or creating new notebooks and pages based on variable input from any one of a number of sources… Custom name the notebook and session, start sharing it, import content from some source or the clipboard, and start collaborating... The sky’s the limit!

By the way: If you're a developer or technical implementer of OneNote, Andrew May's blog is a required read. Great stuff there. If you're an IT decision maker, don't miss Chris Pratley's blog. Read and learn.

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Tuesday, 04 May 2004 18:40:49 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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