Saturday, 16 April 2005

ToyotasI'm having a little fun (while taking my coffee intravenously this morning) manually browsing Google Maps and satellite images from around Portland.

There's these incredibly huge cargo ships that have TOYOTA printed in enormous red letters down their sides. They show up in Portland regularly and fill up the parking lot in the picture at right (map link) with brand new cars. From there they are taken all over the states, I am told. And let me tell you, that lot holds a whole bunch of cars.

Toyota_shipWhen you see that big Toyota ship actually coming at you on the Columbia river, it's pretty impressive. Maybe the next satellite pass will catch it in port. I looked down the rest of the river to see if it might be in any images between port and the Pacific, but not to be found. Unfortunately, a large part of the Columbia between Portland and the ocean is only available as low-res images. My house is in a similar predicament, resolution-wise (and no, it doesn't bother me if people know where I live).

Wired News had an article about interesting things in satellite images. Makes me wonder what else is out there in sat-imagery land?

Other stuff UPDATE: Planes in flight

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