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 Monday, 02 August 2004
From Jonathan Hardwick's weblog, news of the pre-release version of a new OS deployment feature pack for SMS 2003, and the availability of more online training for MOM 2005:

The OS deployment feature pack for SMS 2003 SP1 does just what you'd hope - allow you to create and deploy Windows OS images to lots of client machines, with unattended imaging, backup and restore of user state, and all the replication and targeting features of regular SMS 2003. Grab a copy of the beta from the SMS 2003 OSD site.

The SMS team have also published a white paper on how to use SMS 2003 in a corporate environment with lots of roaming client computers and intermittent network connectivity. This is not for the weak: Configuration and Operation of Advanced Client Roaming.

Finally, the MOM 2005 online training courses were too popular - so they're adding more servers and running more courses. If you couldn't sign up last time, give it another try.

Take advantage soon while you still can. Eight 50-minute training sessions for MOM 2005 - for free. You can't beat that.

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