Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Rob Bushway over at has posted some pre-announcement specs about the forthcoming ThinkPad X60s Tablet PC, which is highly anticipated as the next big Tablet PC thing from Lenovo (the company that now makes those ThinkPad notebooks we all love).

Supposedly, from what people are saying, the actual announcement is not scheduled until next month, but here's what Rob says he hears we can expect (go to his site for the details). If it all holds true, this looks like a very interesting machine. I have to hope the graphics and DualTouch will support Vista. In fact, one has to wonder when Vista will be the default OS on these things. When you consider RTM is likely to happen early next month for the new OS, the stars do seem to align. Hmmm...

Anyhow - back to the geek-out specs:

  • Intel 945GM chipset

  • Intel Core Solo and Core Duo Processors Low Volt Processors

    • Core Duo ( L2400 (1.66ghz) and L2500 (1.83 ghz)

    • Core Solo (U1400 (1.2 ghz) to announce in January 2007

    • new 2.5" SATA high-speed, standard models with 5400rpm, up to 120gb capacity and optional 100gb 7200 rpm HD available

    • 128mb of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

    • Up to 4gb of PC2-5300 DDR2 memory (667 MHz) - 3.2gb available to the operating system

    • 2 memory slots - memory is no longer soldered to the mother board

  • connectivity

    • 802.11 a/b/g

    • Embedded Wireless WWAN

    • Bluetooth options

    • Integrated modem and Gigabit

  • 12.1" XGA Wide angle display ( 170 degrees) comes standard with

    • Anti-glare / anti reflective coating, now with dynamic screen orientation that adapts the screen to how you want to work ( we are assuming this is like the M200 and M400 accelerometer that auto rotates based on the angle you hold the screen)

    • Plus two other new screen options

      • Optional models available with SXGA ( max res of 1400 x 1050)

      • Optional models available with indoor / outdoor viewing capability with touch screen for enhanced ease of use and flexibility

        • MultiTouch screen allows either finger or pen touch to move cursor for ease of use and more natural interaction with tablet

        • MultiView display provides better screen technology for viewing indoors, outdoors, and from wide angles ( 170 degrees )

  • UPDATE: The pen has an eraser on the end of it

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Wednesday, 04 October 2006 04:50:42 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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