Thursday, 08 January 2004

Some have speculated that Windows XP Media Center Edition was a dead horse (a stance I still don't fully comprehend), but then came the 2004 release, and now comes an announcement that they will be extending the Media Center reach to - get this - other devices, including (glad I bought one!) the XBOX. And hey - the Portable Media Centers have already got me sold. Wow - this is a big announcement, when you think about it.

The Windows Media Center Extender technologies and products were just announced at CES 2004. Arrival slated for later this year. Microsoft has a cool PDF brochure that gives a good picture of what's in store. It looks like you buy a remote and some software for the XBOX (in the case of that product) and off you go. Cool - maybe we can finally make use of that hard drive in there for real. Now if they would just put a web browser in the thing... :-)

The other options - Extender TV's (can you say “Borg?”) and what looks to be an Extender appliance-type device, also look interesting.

One way or another this looks like the way of the future for television and multi-source media use. Whether Microsoft's technology is the defacto standard or not, this is likely indicative of where things are going.

Anyone have a link to Gates' keynote video at CES? I can't find it. That would be cool. :-)

On a related (well, at least similar) note, Snapstream is stepping up their game. Nimble company there. Wow. My TiVo, as much as I love it, could - possibly - become a thing of the past, although they did announce HD support and other cool stuff for later this year.


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Thursday, 08 January 2004 18:36:33 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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I don't have a comment to your post rather to an annoyance with your track back functionality below.

Google-ing for a webbrowser that would run on the xbox if found a link to your page. Now it seems to me that your post isn't talking about such a browser but rather other people were searching for the same thing on search engines. It then got your referal, later google-spider came by and indexed your page again and .... now your very much the number one source for xbox media center webbrowser resources in this googled world. Congrats.... ;-)

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