Thursday, 26 June 2008
Trevin pointed to a cool site called Wordle, where you can enter a bunch of text and the web app then creates a visual image representation of the text, where the most commonly used words are larger. You have control over many aspects of the visualization, such as font, colors, layout direction, removing common words, how many words to display in the image (default is 150), etc.

I copied the text from the home page of my blog just before posting this and used Wordle to generate the image below. It's interesting to see what words flat to the "top" of the list. Makes me thing that maybe you can tell something about people from their writing, and as such from the words that dominate what they write.

You can make your own at, and see what you learn about your own writing. There's also a gallery of wordles created by others, which I got quite caught up in for a while, reading what others have created. Wordle was created by Jonathan Feinberg, who works in IBM Research with the Collaborative User Experience group.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008 11:00:35 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Monday, 07 July 2008 15:46:11 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
This thing is VERY cool, thank you!

Just one thing, the very first link in this post goes to, which is not valid, it should be the .NET version.
Monday, 07 July 2008 15:51:18 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Thanks Dmitry, I fixed the bad link.
Monday, 07 July 2008 15:53:57 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
... Auch... So Vista security settings by default do not allow me to use this in Internet Explorer 7 since the applet it uses is not properly signed. The designed should really fix this, its not Vista's fault its doing what it should to protect me.

But I loved the concept a lot and decided to see if there was something else that would do a similar thing and found TagCrowd, so check it out: Works great with Vista :)
Monday, 07 July 2008 18:35:26 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Hey Now Greg,

That'll catch an eye like a cloud.

RunAs fan,
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