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 Thursday, 07 October 2004

SnapStream has released Beyond TV v3.5 and Beyond TV Link - Programs that run on Windows and provide PVR capabilities (Beyond TV) and networked media access (the Link apps).

Beyond TV 3.5 includes new features, such as multiple tuner support and a smarter recording scheduler, maximizes the number of shows users can record. Other offerings such as Beyond TV Link and Microsoft Portable Media Center support further delivers the “anytime, anywhere” aspect of Beyond TV 3. Read the press release.

Beyond TV Link gives you control of your Beyond TV 3 from other networked computers in your home. It gives you full and complete access to your library of recorded shows. It’s like having Beyond TV 3 on all your PCs and laptops on your home network and using it as if it was really installed on the device in front of you. You can even watch live television broadcasts through Beyond TV Link without having to purchase additional TV tuner cards. Read the press release.

The SnapStream apps are another way to create a multimedia PC with functionality similar to TiVo's, and the company provides a number of software/hardware packages that work well together.

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Thursday, 07 October 2004 22:27:06 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)

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